How to charge your Android device efficiently

If your device get battery law quickly,Your device is not charge properly,Your device get more time to charge 100% don’t assume that your device or charger broken. Look following 10 things and try to fix your problem by yourself…

How to charge your Android device efficientlyFirst thing is you have to charge your device from a wall socket. Because it is the fastest and safety charging way. Charging via PC or Laptop are not proper ways. Other thing is we must use right charger specifically designed for your device to charge. Charging from another device’s charger couldn’t deliver the standard power.

If you playing games, working on internet or skyping while charging your device, it will get more time to fully charged. Apart of that it can be caused to your battery in trouble. When you are charging you must switch off your device. If you want to keep it on you should notice following things,

  • switch the device to airplane mode or
  • turned off Wi-Fi and 4G.
  • reduce brightness percentage

Think about safety

If you use a charger besides the original one you have to make sure that it has all the relevant standards. Because cheap chargers may harm your device badly. And also you have to careful about not to charge your device near water or extremely hot or humid conditions.

Sometimes you may have wrong idea about over charging your device. It is nothing wrong about over charging the device. The thing is when your device charging it generates the heat. If it is in tight place, then it becomes too hot and it might be blowup. So you can charge your phone overnight but in a safe place.

Fix your USB port by yourself

Mostly the common problem is that the metallic surface inside the USB port and the micro USB charger are not making good contact. Reason for this cause is either manufacturing defect or continually plugging and unplugging of charging cable.

There is a simple way to fix this. First you have to shut down your device and remove the battery if possible. Then using a small spike (like a tooth pick) to lift the little tab inside the USB port on your Smart phone/tablet. Remember you have to do this very gently and carefully. Then reinsert your battery and plug it in again.

If you keep your phone in the pocket of your jean then lint might be the cause to the problem. So you have to clean your phone’s ports to remove any kind of redundant things. Using compressed air blowing through it, you can clean it easily. Also place where you keep your phone in the hand bag/pocket be clean.

Switch cables

Damage cable also be the reason for the charging problem. Most of the time we used to curl or role the cable of the charger when it carrying. So it can be easily damaged because of its thinness. To identify the faulty cable you have to try with different cable and if it is working you know the problem is with the cable.

Damaged adapters

If there is no problem with cable of the charger then we have to check the adapter. Sometimes USB port of the adapter becomes looser due to continual plugging and unplugging. You have to ensure that the problem is not in the device but in the charger. For this you have to use your charger on another device. If the device works better, then the problem is with your device. Otherwise you have to check the adapter and the cable of the charger. (Remember there mustn’t be a problem with your wall socket)

Replace the battery

Batteries are not working properly forever. Normally after use 2 or 3 years they get some errors. If your battery struggle just six months it is not a normal situation and you can make a warranty claim for a new battery. But it starts to struggle after 2 or 3 years it can be end of battery life.

Some batteries starts to bulge or leak fluid. If you have non sealed battery device you can notice it yourself. Some devices have sealed battery. Then you have a simple way to notice that. Put your phone on a flat surface and spinning it. If the battery got bulge phone will spin number of rounds. In that case you must get your phone to phone repairing shop and repair it. This error can be damage your phone.

Update or Roll back

When you upgrading an old device with new software it will cause to weak battery life. But latest devices are normally optimized to take advantage of the new software. If this happens to you and you can’t blame the problem, consider rolling the device back to an earlier Android version. But there is a security risk in this procedure.

Check the Voltage and Amperage

There is a great way to check the charging performance. You can download the free Amperage app and it will show you following things.

  • Whether current going through the device or not.
  • Minimum and maximum load level.
  • Voltage
  • Maximum current
  • Temperature

Calibrate your battery

Sometimes the battery level your device ‘thinks’ it’s at is wrong. The effect of this is that your phone may function differently, including limiting performance before it needs to or taking an hour to chew through the last two percent of battery. But this is a thing to try before completely ditching your defunct power pack.

Water Damage

After falling your phone to the water and its fails to charge. Then you haven’t any option other than the replace the battery. If your phone dropped in water, first thing you must do is take the battery out and dry with a towel. If it fails double check that you have the power point switched on. The best thing you have to do is call your manufacturer for help.

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