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What Is Epilepsy?

Current development of the field of medicine is very poorActually, the major reason for all diseases is your mind. Understand, Most persons think that their governer is the physical body but the reality is, it is never forever. It means that everything of your body manipulates by your mind. If you can conduct clean mind during your life when you can live easily without any of diseases. Modern western medicine is defined the Epilepsy as a neurological condition of the body. There are effects of 3.4 million estimated individuals in the United States. The main symptom of epilepsy is repeated seizures, which affect everyone differently depending on the part of the brain involved. Yes, the term is correct and they bring awesome definition but it hasn’t qualitative or quantitative validity than truth.

While some people have seizures that cause the body to shake and jerk, others experience unusual sensations or loss of consciousness. Modern scientists have invented that some factors are depended such as stress, lack of sleep, alcohol, certain medications, specific foods, and flashing bright lights to occurs seizers randomly, so can manage them to make the epilepsy-free life.

You should find that your attacks have a pattern or that they are more likely to occur in certain situations. Keeping the records of your symptoms will be useful to make an epilepsy-free life rapidly. You can do it easily with an Epilepsy tracking application. Furthermore, if you get some medicine when App help you get them at the correct time continually. Do you know that some behavioural changes and diet patterns can make a healthier life easily?.

Why Do You Suffer From Diseases?

Read More-Do you Know Best Spchologist to get 100% Healing From Epilepsy?

Understand well,Some Spchologyst can solve it easily within some counselling and hypnotism sessions according to the condition of the patient. This treatment method is perfectly clear and 100% result bring yours without any of medicine. But you should correct Sphologist to do this.

I can tell some stories about my elder son. He was feeling suddenly at the 11yrs   from Epilepsy. We were going to vary types Devala(The Place we believe that God lives) to find get healing him. Anyway, we could not get his healing,finally, we decided to get medicine. but However, he has not gotten clear healing from medication.

Finally, I gave up all of the medication and blind beliefs and find real psychologist according to my philosophy and beliefs. He studied my elder children and gave some counselling and hypnotism session during 2hrs. After that simple treatment, my elder got perfectly healed safely.

We live in the modern world, most persons forget their mental balance and peaceful mind to get a healthier life. If you have balance and stress-free mind when you can conduct not only the healthier life. It means that you can gain so many advantages in the wealth of your life such as education, socio-economy.

Root Your Mind: Get healthier and Wealthier Life Easily

In birth, we all bring OS which runs as stock firmware of   Smart  Device. Then, we add so many Apps during our life and manipulate life according to the collected Applications.
Understand, at your birth, your mind is very clear,it is very fast, you don’t know religion or more things, you have more power.
However, we practice so many facts during our childhood, your mind absorbs rapidly that facts. Those facts will define your life in socioeconomy.
Think well, if your mind fulfils always bad emotions such as steals, hates, sadness, distrust and etc when your upper mind(Such as RAM) makes programs according to your feeling and then store in the lower mind. If it will have space to run created programs, then, all program come again into the upper mind runs well to make harmful diseases easily such as cancer, heart diseases and etc.

Similarly, if you have kindness, love, happiness and confidence and etc when your upper mind create powerful programs and they also store in the lower mind. Finally, at the same time, that created programs come up and work to get big goals such as a healthier and wealthier life easily.

How To Root Your mind

If you are feeling some bad emotions, then you can think and understand that is not good for your life, Stop it yourself.
Think, you haven’t the confidence to stop such emotions, then you can meet the best Psychologist to solve your struggle easily. He can root your mind into the default level. A good psychologist does not use medicine to solve your problems. He uses counselling and hypnotism session to get your healthier life again.

At those sessions, Psychologist tries to stop your bad emotion by counselling. If he can’t stop your bad emotions by counselling when he proceeds the hypnotism session.
In the session of hypnotism, psychologist stops your upper mind and he tries to talk to your lower mind. After long research, he finds what are major reason for your diseases. Finally, He fulfils good programs instead of bad programs. Finally, you can get wealthier and healthier life forever.

We can find so many devices and Apps to control temporary your Epilepsy, but you all understand, you need to direct Spchological treatment immediately to get the best results. It means that you can solve Epilepsy easily by helping psychological treatments.

Why are devices for epilepsy useful?

A concern for a person with epilepsy is not only the seizures that are observed but those that are not detected. This is especially true for seizures that a person may have while sleeping.

The goal of epilepsy treatment is to use medications and other therapies to keep a person free from seizures. However, it is possible that a person may think that their epilepsy is controlled but have seizures at night.

Another concern about seizures is the risk of sudden unexpected death in epilepsy (SUDEP). This occurs when a person dies suddenly after a seizure. Although the exact causes are unknown, changes in breathing (such as something that suffocates the person) or heart rhythms can be a factor. By detecting seizures, epilepsy devices can prevent SUDEP.


Wearing a MedicAlert bracelet is important for people with epilepsy. This allows emergency medical providers to quickly identify a person with epilepsy and contact emergency contacts. Several attack alert devices are available. These range from traditional metal bracelets to soft silicone bracelets. Some people also wear tag style necklaces that say “epilepsy.” These accessories can also direct emergency personnel to a wallet card that shows a person’s medication list.

Some companies, such as American Medical ID, will record a personalized number and a website for you to visit a health care provider. The website has a medical record of the person wearing the bracelet. This allows quick access to medication lists and health information to help a person receive prompt medical attention.

Mattress devices

Mattress devices are placed under a person’s mattress. If they experience a seizure, the tremor will cause vibrations that will trigger an alarm. Examples of available mattress devices include the Medpage motion alarm and the Emfit MM sleep monitor. These monitors can provide peace of mind to parents concerned that their child may have a seizure while sleeping without them knowing.


Another option to control a person for seizures is a camera device. These devices use a remote infrared camera to detect movements. If a sleeping person has unusual movements, such as tremors, the camera will activate an alarm. An example of an attack alert camera is the SAMi. This device will send a notification to a person’s phone and record a video of a person’s seizure. This can help doctors see the seizure and provide more information about the type and nature of the seizure.

Anti-suffocation pillows

Suffocation is a cause of SUDEP. To prevent suffocation, anti-suffocation pillows are available for people with epilepsy. An example is a safe sleeping pillow. This pillow is designed to prevent blockage of airflow around a person’s nose and mouth. Although pillows are manufactured in the United Kingdom, they can be shipped to the United States.

Top Best Apps For Smart Devices

Android and iOS apps help you to care about your life from Epilepsy temporarily. But it is also the not a bigger solution to your situation.

1.HealthUnlocked|iPhone: Free

2.Seizure Tracker|Android: Free|iPhone: Free

3.Seizure First Aide|Android: Free|iPhone: Free

4.Snug Safety|iPhone: Free

5.ICE Medical Standard|Android: Free|iPhone: Free

6.Epilepsy Journal|Android: Free

7.myChildren’s|Android: Free|iPhone: Free

8.Epilepsy Health Storylines|Android: Free|iPhone: Free

9.SeizAlarm|iPhone: 2-week free trial

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