How To Be a Chromecast Master

Introduction For How To Be a Chromecast Master

Chromecast is a Google media streaming adapter that allows users to play content online, such as videos and music, on a digital television.The adapter is an adapter that connects to the HDMI port of the TV; A cable is connected to a USB port to power the device. A mobile application allows you to use a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer as a TV remote control. Once transmission begins, it is not necessary to keep the application open, and the device can be used for other purposes. Chromecast can stream content from an increasing number of sources, such as Netflix, Hulu Plus, YouTube, Google Play music and movies, and the Chrome browser.

Chromecast competes with other devices for the transmission of media to television, including Roku’s Streaming Stick and Apple TV.

Did you get a super cheap Google transmission dongle? Or think about picking one up? Here are top tips that you can use to get  be a Chromecast Master and unlock some of its hidden potential.Anyway,if you use these tips when ou can be a Chromecast Master easily.

1.Get the Chromecast wallpaper

If you like the impressive photo presentation that appears when your Chromecast backpack is waiting for an application to connect, you are also interested in knowing how to look like a webpage on the page and follow the URL from there). Alternatively, you can collect them from the collections collected kindly on the Web for other users to download and install.

2.Stream local files

You can launch browser tabs with the extension. It may not work perfectly, especially with higher quality videos or less powerful laptops, but it is a good option to have it available. Use Ctrl + O or Cmd + O to open a local file in Chrome, then use the Google Cast extension as usual.

3.Change streaming quality

Choose the link Options in the drop-down menu of the Google extension. If you have lots of bandwidth with which they work, set it to Extreme; If there is a lot of activity in your local network and you are experiencing problems, also the Standard option. For most users, the default High option should be sufficient..

4.Find compatible apps

Google maintains its own site where applications compatible with Chromecast are listed. Come back periodically. Recent additions to the list include WatchESPN and PBS Kids. However, do not worry if you forget to mark the Google list; If any of the main applications is added to the list, it is usually communicated

5.Cast your desktop

The ability to launch your full desktop is now an option within the Google Cast extension. Click on the extension button, then on the small arrow down to find the configuration. There is also the option to restrict the casting to audio only, which is useful if you are only listening to music. Choose the screen to send all your desktop to the backpack.

6.Stream movies from Google Drive

If you have taken advantage of the drop in Google Drive storage prices and kept some movies there, you can perform a Chromecast in several different ways (such as the one found in Tip 2). The easiest methods to use are like the premium version of AllCast or LocalCast compatible with Android L. Alternatively, you can try a media server solution like the BubbleUPnP server, although the configuration is a bit more complicated.

7.Find what’s on your Chromecast

This is a feature that is still available, but it is in the form that it will include. If you were paying attention during the main Google I / O session this year, you will know that the Chromecast home screen is being updated to show a gallery of photos by the user. To get information driven by Google, click on “What’s on my Chromecast?”

8.Mirror your Android device

In recent weeks, the Android Chromecast app has been updated to allow the dongle to reflect the screen of your phone or tablet. We need one of the following devices: Nexus 4, 5, 7 (second generation), 10, Samsung Galaxy S4 and S5, Note 3 and 10, HTC One M7, LG G2, G3 and G Pro 2. Run the application, and the option Distribution screen appears in the menu. A measure that changes from horizontal to vertical mode on your device, the conversion also changes.

9.Share party playlists

QCast Music is a free application from the Google Play Store that links to your Google Play Music All Access account (with support for other subscription services soon). You can launch party playlists to your TV and then let your guests vote if a particular song can be retained or deleted. The host of the party has the last word.

10.Factory reset your Chromecast

If you are giving away or trying to solve a problem with your Chromecast, a factory reset may be in order. To do this, press and hold the button on your device for 25-30 seconds until it restarts. Alternatively, go to the Chromecast app, select the dongle and then select Chromecast restored at the factory in the setup menu. The same option can be found in the Windows or Mac configuration application that can be found at

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