How Do I Update My Android Device

Why do I update my Android device update to date?

Android develops day by day as  high rate.Currently it is well improved open source sector.Owner of android device can do so many things than you think.Otherwise Android is excellent user friendly Operating system.It means that any person who has poor knowledge about android ,then he also can use this OS easily to achieve their goals.Anyway updating of your android devices will gain you so many benefits such as given below,

  • Your device will work with best performances.
  • Your device will work as high speed devices.
  • Your Device’s battery  life will increase properly.
  • You can gain a best memory capacity forever.
  • You can work with new android OS easily.
  • You can feel your android life happily.
  • Update make huge Android Device forever for you.

How do i update my Android Device? -Step by Step complete guidelines.

Really,you can update the Apps run on your android Device with your old Android device.This chapter is intended about how to update android device manually as well as automatically.

Manual Updating

Manual updating needs time but it is best way to update your android device safely.okay ,first you should go ahead to Google Play Store while you can click on the menu button as three squared dots.It can see on top of the screen and you should select my Apps.This menu is where you can see which apps on your device have available updates.then you can update based on individual. It means that you can do it easily manually.Furthermore you can see all apps at the bottom of list which they need to update.Then you can updates other apps as your needs.But Updating of the OS is very special than updating of the other Apps.

Auto Updating

This chapter, i will intend about how to update your android device through auto updating process.It is very easy.Even though it has some weakness.We know many users who benefits having automatic updating enabled,simply they don’t have time to manually update their smartphone’s Apps.

While updates are supposed to improve the apps,sometimes that is not always the case,App developers can make mistakes and sometimes miss critical bugs when roil out an App updates.If you have automatic updating enabled when there will risk to be get useless apps update without having any control over it.Otherwise it will be make poor memory capacity and affect the performance of the Android Device.Anyway if you haven’t time to get update when you can enable the auto updating mode.It will make your update on the time.

Really,it is very easy,simple to make update automatically on your android device.

Google play provides auto updating process as user friendly manner for any android users forever.

First you should go ahead to Google play store using by your android Device.Secondly you should press the menu and select the settings.Then you should tick on the Auto Update Apps.Furthermore ,after you have sat above settings,then your  android device will be updated automatically.It means that you do not need to see about the updating.

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