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Regular exercise is necessary to conduct physical and mental health. Exercise reduces the risk of heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes,Stress and other diseases. It can improve your external appearance and delay the aging process.Additionally Exercise boost your internal organs easily to the proper condition. But Most importance case is to find effective exercise methodology which it can gain so many benefits to be formed healthier life.This article introduces to find most effective exercise with Modern Technology for you.Otherwise This Simple user friendly Android And iOS Apps can help  to find and proceed about effective exercises easily and safely for you. The Fitness Apps Include so many awesome Exercise modules with so many Good features.So you can use these App to improve your Physical and mental condition to be gained healthier Life.We introduce many awesome Fitness Apps For you.There are,

Couch to 5K – Running App

Couch to 5K is a fitness Application that takes you off to be a potato shaped to being ready to run a 5K. Couch to 5K has MyFitnessPal integration which allows you to create music playlists for training and several tracking functions when you leave for running. The Application also includes zero to 10K, 5K to 10K and half marathon training programs you can follow too. The free version is a trial and the full version costs $1.60 as in-app purchase of an App. It is one of the most recent fitness App.

Many newcomers run into intimidation because of the difficulty associated with the activity because they start too fast and push too much. Their bodies push back and end up resentment operation. The Couch 5K Application so far is not just for the purpose of getting the day of the race, which was designed specifically to inculcate the love of running.

With little or no operating funds at all, the Couch to 5k will transform you from potato to a regular runner, once also you can even exceed 3.1 miles in just two months. While it may be tempting to go ahead with your training plan, resist the urge. If the program feels intense, just stretch it. Patience is the key.

Each session should take about 30 minutes, three times a week. Make sure to build off days between days of racing to allow your body to recover. Better, a scheduled recovery will help in the process to become a better runner.


Endomondo is considered as one of the best of the best fitness Applications in regards to fitness Applications. With Endomondo, you can track your physical condition and performance, record pep speaks to your friends, and a hug list of other things to do and access. Most of the Endomondo Application is free to use. However, you can also pay for the subscription service. With this, you can create a personal training plan, analyze heart rate, get rid of ads, and several other features. It is very popular and people seem to like it.

Endomondo direct us with a lot of features if you are a Premium member, Endomondo has long been a favorite Application for runners, cyclists and other outdoor fitness enthusiasts. The App tracks your time, distance, pace, speed, route and more. The mobile App is available on the Google Play Store, and the Premium members of Endomondo are led up to pay $5.99 per month through their careers and training for several weeks. It is a great Application, with a little basic for tracking outdoor workouts. The premium members you’ll want is a little expensive if you pay monthly, but better if you pay each year, for a more challenging and competitive experience.


Many of these Android fitness Apps are trying to take direct control of your life and help you get in shape. FitNotes by James Gay does the opposite by allowing you to do what you are doing and simply offering to keep track of it. It is a free Application that does not include advertising, includes a database of exercises to help you properly classify your workouts, a training log so you can follow what you do and create customized training To routines yourself. The FitNote is a must have App if you are going to the gym or joining the do-it-yourself progress.

FitNotes’s premise is simple. Choose the exercise that you just completed and enter the amount of weight that you lifted or the distance you traveled and save it in your exercise log. Eventually you will create a collection of daily exercise regimens to help you track where you have improved or regressed over time.

FitNotes includes a ton of different exercises and classes, but still you can also add yours as you wish. You can see your recent activity, going on day by day on the main screen, but the calendar display offers the best overview of your workouts. From there, you can set alerts for benchmarks that you know when you have reached a custom goal for each exercise, which further facilitates the detection of patterns in your routine.

The Application is not particularly feature rich but it is perfectly designed to quickly capture data between sessions in the gym and tick all the boxes you want in a recording pen and paper exercises logs. Get free on Google Play before going to the gym.

Google Fit

The Google Fit has been for a while on the store. Also receives functions frequently to its list of additions. Now it is one of the best fitness Apps out there. Its best feature is its complete and complete integration with Android Wear, making this option is a must for those who go for a SmartWatch test. In addition to this, you get statistics to analyze, aims to conquer and several types of monitoring. It covers all the basic features very well. This makes it ideal for beginners. It is also totally free.

Basically, Google Fit offers a platform that can do what you want. Use the Application on your own or link with third-party Applications to create a more complete picture of your daily fitness.

Once you have downloaded, you will be prompted to manually enter your weight, height and target of activities, and then it’s ready. The rest of the work is done by the Application, as long as you keep it in the background, unless you want to manually input a new weight or training.

The combination of third-party Applications is easy and there are a variety of compatible applications: Strava, Nike + Running and Noom Coach are some of the most popular fitness Applications that work with Google Fit. The interface is classic Google: clean and crisp, with different information in the color bars and graphs, it is incredibly easy to use and determine where you need to pull your socks back.

Pocket Yoga 


After a decade or more of arguing about it, it was finally decided that yoga is actually a good way to exercise and stay in shape. If you get into yoga, an Application like Pocket Yoga is incredibly helpful. There are more than 200 poses, with animations and vocal prompts to instruct you how it is done. It also includes the ability to record their yoga practices and create yoga workouts. It is a bit basic and simple, though. Another Application of yoga is much more exciting the DDP Yoga Now.

Pocket Yoga is designed to offer the same service as other yoga Applications, but it does not do as they do. However this Application offers great features. The classes are based on nature and names of the classes also bassed on nature such as ocean, mountain, desert; And Sun Salutations A and B. Each class describes its approach, unlike other Applications where the name of the class tells the user that, what the focus is. The way pocket yoga classes its labels is a little more realistic and gives an actual class environment, this is realistic because if you went to a class of yourself it is very unlikely that the teacher will show every pose to the advance and let the students have a go for themselves.

Once you have chosen a class, users can specify the length, difficulty and classroom environment. Pocket Yoga offers courses from half an hour to one hour, difficulty levels to select from beginner to expert, and different environments. These include an ocean scene, desert scene and mountain scene. For Sun Salutation A and B series, users can select the number of repetitions you want to perform, instead of choosing a time duration based on minutes.

There is a section in the Pocket Yoga Application that gives a description of each pose, and the different advantages of each pose. The actual classes for this Application are a bit disorganized because the instructor is animated. Similarly, the trade between poses occurs abruptly with little instruction on how to move from one pose to another. The voice in this Application was more distracting than relaxing but the voice can be turned off or rejected, like music.

Pocket Yoga is probably a better Application for those who are comfortable with yoga and understand the importance of facilitating and getting rid of poses to prevent. Pocket Yoga is available for $ 2.29 on Google Play Store for Android


RunKeeper is another one of these Android Applications aptitude for a virtual boatload of people have used. This RunKeeper is focused around being a performance tracker for the runners out there. You can create runway paths, track performance, create fitness plans and can integrate multiple electronics to measure your heart rate. It is compatible with other types of training which is a nice touch and there are plans even if you are training for a marathon or part of a whole. It is also integrated into many other fitness Applications (some of them are on this list) and fitness equipment.

RunKeeper displays your route on a detailed map. More than just your route, however, RunKeeper will tell you your pace, average and maximum speed, distance and time. A great feature of RunKeeper is the ability to see the roadmap while participating in their training. For hikers, this feature can be very valuable if they ever venture off the beaten path.

Like all Applications the RunKeeper uses the built-in GPS function in Android phones, you need to have a clear view of the sky to follow-up work. So, while RunKeeper can run as a standalone GPS tracking much more expensive, do not expect to work when you walk through the deep woods. The last thing you want to do from hiking off-road and not having your GPS working to get you back.


The Strava App contains a fun list of leaders who can compete with yourself, with your friends, with people in your area and with professionals, to see how you accumulate. There are also several ways to share verity of things and Strava does a really good job in bringing the social aspect of the exercise to the forward. The user interface is clean and user friendly and the premium users get a lot more features. The Strava gives an overall positive experience, especially if you are a worldly personality.

The Applications that tracks running and cycling are in dozens, but Strava has a unique hook, the competition. When you run or Cycle with Strava, you are competing with other members of Strava who have hit or cycled the same roads. If you are fast enough, your name will just appear on the top of the leaderboard. You can also use the Strava App to follow a more traditional one as it records your distance, time, speed and so on and although you cannot bring your phone to the pool to follow swimming, you can manually add them up for Strava, completing the triathlete trifecta. Strava is one of the best fitness Apps out there. Most of the information collected by Strava, such as your name, profile photo and tagged routes, are publicly available by default. For security reasons, many users want this data to be private. There are good controls in the Application to limit what information is public, but new members could easily overlook.


Stronglifts 5×5 Workout

Stronglifts 5×5 Workout is an Application for those who are looking for strength training Apps. It works with the popular Stronglifts exercise routine. Along with this, the App keeps tracking your stats, has video drills to follow with, a timer, a schedule, and virtually everything you need for training. There is also support for Android Wear if necessary. This is very similar to other Applications that are specialized exercises and fitness Applications. However, this has the advantage of not being crazy difficult for beginners.

The Stronglifts 5×5 Application helps you gain strength and muscle fastest, as it guide you through every 5×5 workout. People who have used the App says that they cannot train without the App anymore. The Application is very good. Really.

Let’s see how it works, tell the App your lifts. It calculates your initial weight for Stronglifts 5 x 5. Make your first workout entering their systems. The Application will track what you do and will tell you how long you have to rest between the sets and the exercises and weight for the next workout.

This means that the Application does the complete thinking and you can concentrate on lifting with a free mind. It is like having your personal strength and strength training trainer in your pocket. You will know when to add weight, what to do if you fail, when to start, how much rest time, etc. with this App you will become advance and faster by avoiding common mistakes.

The StrongLifts Application replaces a pencil and paper to keep track of your workouts. Better, lies behind the cloud so you will never lose and sync with each device you own. It also shows your progress on the graphs to increase your motivation. And it comes with an integrated rest timer.

What distinguishes the Application StrongLifts 5×5 from other applications is its design. This is the easiest to use within all fitness Application that ever found. You will not have to touch your phone incessantly in the gym. The StrongLifts 5×5 training is incorporated. This takes a single touch to enter or change your weight reps, very simple.

In fact, the StrongLifts 5×5 Application has been widely recognized for its great design, innovative features and overall quality.


The JEFIT wants to be your personal coach and there are very few reasons why you should not leave that. JEFIT contains a database with over 1300 exercises, including animations on how to do them. There is also the follow-up of standard fitness tracking with fitness plans and there is even a social aspect that you can join with. It is highly rated and free to use. There is even a website that is synchronized with the Application. You can purchase the professional version of the JEFIT App for $4.99 and unlock some features. There is an additional subscription service that offers even more features.

JEFIT helps you be in shape and get the most out of your fitness exercises. App is built with data recording and easy logging mechanism. The App is combined with largest amount of database, thousands of free exercises and week-long workout routines. JEFIT has become one of the leading App in fitness training Applications category. JEFIT is your free personal trainer that helps you build a stronger or lighter body.

The JEFIT is well designed and filed with all levels of fitness trainings, from beginner to professional fitness bodybuilders and weightlifters. JEFIT can make your workout training much more effective than any other App. You can use the application without network access, and then synchronize the data with the server once you have access to the Internet. This makes it easy to access all training data from any device, even from your computer.

Pokemon Go 

Pokemon Go and Ingress are not fitness Applications. These are games. However, these are games that require a physical effort to play. For those who do not know Pokemon Go and Ingress is played in the real world. You go to several places to stroll and take the points of the hack or catch Pokemon. Both games have the same central premise. They do not track your statistics in, heart rate, or anything. However, you get up from the couch and gives you a reason to hang out being active.

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