Google Cardboard – Google Glasses 3D

Google Cardboard – Google Glasses 3D for Mobile

What is Google Cardboard?

Technology is something that rapidly changes with time. What I am going to talk today is one of the best examples. Google Cardboard is such an inspiring piece of work by Google. If you are new to this subject undoubtedly you might get puzzled. How this piece of cardboard connects with virtual reality? Why Google has tried something like this? Is that what you are puzzled about? Or about something else? Today I come to you with all answers for these questions. Do not be confused, with all knowledge you will surely fell how cool this is at the end of this article.

Google Cardboard - Google Glasses 3D

Simply Google Cardboard – Google Glasses 3D is a virtual reality platform developed by Google to use for a mobile phone. It was part of a 20 percent project and this was successfully launched as a super cheap and simple virtual reality headset for compatibility with smart phones. It brings an amazing experience to everyone in an affordable way. Google Cardboard is a design for a 3D virtual reality headset made with a smart phone and cardboard. It is not made of high cost components. You can either buy it as a kit from the manufacturer or use to build your own, that utilizes cardboard and a pair of 40 mm focal distance lenses to turn your phone into a virtual reality headset. It also utilizes magnets, Velcro and a rubber band to keep everything tight in right place. Once built, the device needs the Cardboard app to work with your compatible smart phone.

Google Cardboard- Google Glasses 3D Pros

  • Low cost

This Google Cardboard is a special thing. But the most important thing is its cost. It is made of simple components which are easily accessible. That means the final product is not to an extreme price. It can be made by your own, but generally it is cheaper to buy than make it yourself.

  • Easy to set up and use

There are only few steps for setup:

Step 1: Assemble the Google Cardboard- Google Glasses 3D as according to instructions by the manufacturer or buy an assembled Kit.

Step 2: Download Virtual reality applications and scan the QR code to personalize settings.

Step 3: Finally place the smart phone in the Cardboard to experience this amazing Virtual Reality.

  • Large number of Vendors

The most important thing about Google Cardboard is accessibility. There are several local and global vendors in the market.

Google Cardboard – Google Glasses 3D Cons

  • Lack of content and low resolution apps

Even though people are quite happy with this product, Google Cardboard- Google Glasses 3D is in a developing stage even for now. That means it still lacks some content. The free apps are good to use but some of them are not utility apps.

  • Hardware limitations

Due to poor hardware specifications, certain smart phones do not support Google Cardboard effectively. Some of the issues that users might face are, low processing power, internal memory, outdated processors and low quality displays.

  • Simulation sickness

Simulation sickness which results of a disparity between a perceived experience and what actually experiences. This is a big challenge for the product, Google Cardboard.

In Google’s view these might not cause serious problems, and they can be solved. The main intention of developing Google Cardboard – “Google Glasses 3D” is to understand the needs of virtual reality consumers today and to provide a platform. This is a nice approach to that and I think we can definitely expect more to come.

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