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Game Killer Apk is awesome program to hacking and modifying your favourite games easily and productively for the purpose of fun and profit. Actually Game Killer Help to change its memory and grants to alter currency value if games installed on your Android Device simply. Game Killer can change the Code of running Android Games and allows to make changes you require. Game Killer is one of the Best Program which it is user-friendly and supports for varies types of Games in the market.

Aim of this article is representing how to use Game Killer to hack your Favorite Android Games easily and productively.


App Name: Game Killer

Developer: Game Engine

Stable Version: v.1.9.6

Compatible Devices: Android v4.0 & above.

No Of Downloads:20, 000, 00+

Purpose Manipulating Games coin, scores & points for educational purpose.

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Requirements for Game Killer app,

  • Game killer Works on Android Jellybean or above Version.
  • Enable Unknown Sources by entering settings > Security and find “Unknown Sources” and then Click and enable the option.
  •  Game killer works only on rooted devices. If your device is not rooted, please root it first with kingroot. We recommend kingroot apk because it doesn’t require PC to root and also kingroot support maximum number of devices.Otherwise you dont like to use KingRoot When you can use so many other awesome Rooting Tools such as TowelRoot,KingoRoot,FramaRoot,iRoot,Odin,OneClick & WonderHsareTunesGo/WonderShare Genius


  • Download the Game Killer Apk App on your Android Device or else Download it on your PC and transfer it to your Android Device.
  • Now Navigate to Download folder or to the transferred folder in order to install the Game Killer on your Android Device
  • If you have enabled the Unknown Sources on your Device settings correctly, then it’s ok. Otherwise a message will pop up saying Installation Blocked, this means you are not correctly enabled Unknown Sources.
  • After the installation, open the Game Killer App and register for free.
  • When these things are done, Your Game Killer App is ready for you to edit and modify the Games that you wont.

HOW TO USE Game Killer Apk App?

  • When the Game Killer App is once opened, the App will remain open. It shows you a transparent icon on your Android Device screen.
  • Select and open the game in which you have to make the change.
  • You will see the small transparent icon of the Game Killer appear on the screen even when the Game is opened.
  • While the Game is opened press the transparent icon and make the changes by entering the values that you wanted to been changed.
  • Click on the AUTO IDENTIFY option, if a single value appears, then click on it and modify. If not, search until you get a unique value.

If you have correctly followed the steps, you have successfully Hacked the Game with Game Killer. For more check the Compatibility section down below.


The Game Killer smooth and charm with almost all the Android Devices, which are built with Android 4.0 or above, but the older versions support the below Android versions. Also, the Game Killer App supports all the manufacturers like LG, Oppo, Samsung, Asus, Sony, OnePlus, Huawei and Motorola etc.


  • The Game Killer App only works on Rooted Android Devices.
  • It is one of the free App that allows to Hack and Modifies the Android Games.
  • The Game Killer App is not compatible with online games, as the online game data is stored on the remote servers, but the App is very much familiar with the Offline Game
  • Game Killer App is allowed to hack the Game only when you enter the worth with the exact number, otherwise, Hacking would fail.
  • The Smart Unload code is required for each game to be hacked
  • When you select the game to been modified, it will take 1 to 2 minutes of time to complete the modification process. 


I cannot download the Game Killer Apk, what should I do?
Here it would be a problem on your Browser. You can try to download the Game Killer Apk with another Browser instead of the previous one.

What Games do the Game Killer Apk works?
The Game Killer Apk supports almost all the offline games, but don’t expect the Game Killer Apk to support your online Games. Also, you need some skills and patience for Hacking.

Is there any method to use Game Killer Apk without Rooting my Device?
No, you can’t. Rooting your Android Device is the initial step to use the Game Killer Apk on your Android Device. If you want to Root your phone, use a simple and safest method like KIngRoot or KingoRoot something like that.

Is there are any alternatives to hack my Games without Rooting?
Yes, there is away. If you are not interested in Rooting your phone, then you can hack your Android Games with Lucky Patcher. This is also one of the Applications that allows you to hack your games.

Will Google Ban me if they found I’m using Game Killer?
There is nothing to worry about this because the Game Killer App has a built-in anti- detect mechanism that hides the App information without reaching the Game Developers.

Moreover, the Game Killer Apk is the best way to hack your Games for the moment, which is available free of charge. The Game Killer is also responsive than the other hacking Apps.

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