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Framaroot is one of the best apps to root android Smartphone.Framaroot is a one-click rooting Android application created by the XDA user “Alephzain“. This root Tool application lets you to gain root privileges in your Android Devices(smartphone or tablet)  installing Superuser and SU binary in it. Although it lets you to root your Android device, it will also void the warranty of your smartphone or tablet too. So, think well before use  this app because if you use it to root your device, you won’t be able to claim warranty.

Most of the guys & gals are seeking to root their Android devices so that they need a most safer and effective Root Tool like Framaroot.  Framaroot app is not available in the play store so here has provided a Framaroot apk  which you can download all versions of Framaroot apk and also provided every details about how to operate Framaroot to make a Root access on your Android Devices easily and safely, I will cover all details related to Framaroot including FAQ and how to install framaroot. Furthermore,understand correctly,you can use this Apk for iOS devices that it means it is only support to root Android Devices.

What’s the Framaroot?

Framaroot is best Rooting Tool which can root almost all Android device in one click without  Desktop  Computer or Laptop. Framaroot incudes its own complex exploits which vary from device to device according to its chipset model and android version. In newer versions of Framaroot, you can unroot your android phone in one click too. Framaroot can root many devices without a computer, you can find those devices name in Framaroot supported devices list. Anyway, let’s move on to Framaroot apk download link.

Download Framaroot APK

Below, we provide download of all versions of framaroot apk. Just click on download button below and save apk to your android device as your wish.



>>>Download Framaroot Apk 1.9.3 From most safest our saver


If you need to know more details about Framaroot Apk 1.9.3 when you can click here.

How to Install Framaroot APK in Android Phone

We have already provided framaroot apk download link.that we are assuming that you have already downloaded Framaroot APK from using above link. So let’s go on to the guide-lines in which we will explain how to install and root your android device using Framaroot apk .

  1. Tap on Framaroot apk from File Manager of your android phone. Do you know about file manager?If you don’t like to use file manager run on your device currently, you can download any third party file manager like ES File Explorer from Downloads folder.
  2. Tap on Install button given image as below,
  3. After sevaral seconds, you can see App Installation Completed message.It means that Framaroot successfully installed on your android device.


So, it is enough about installation process of the Framaroot on android phone. If you  have followed above steps, you can see Framaroot app icon in app drawer of your android phone.

How to Root Android Phone Using Framaroot

I hope you have successfully installed Framaroot in your android phone using above steps. Let’s move on to tutorial on how you can root android device without a computer using Framaroot.

  1. Now, Open Framaroot from app drawer of your android phone.
  2. There are two possibilities of the Framaroot that it will show available exploit which can root your android phone or it will show an error that Your device seems not vulnerable to exploit included in Framaroot.
  3. If you are getting this error then Framaroot will not work on your android device.Giveup a Framaroot,It means that you need other rooting tool to root your android device.
  4. Generally,Framaroot is most clever to root almost all android device s so  we know that  you are not getting above error, chances are that Framaroot will root your android device.
  5. You have three options now which I  explains in details as below.
  • Install SuperSU
  • Unroot
  • Execute Script

Option one- Install SuperSU

If you will need to root your device when you can select this option  to root your android device. It will install  automatically an app  of  SuperSU  on your Android Device which manages all Super permissions to different root apps.

After you have selected the above option,  then there are following possibilities.

Success: Congratulations, your android phone is rooted successfully.

Restart it now and Open SuperSU and click on Update Binaries (if you get any popup).

you have rooted android device now. Then, you can get all android apps which will work on rooted devices only.

Failed: That exploit was unable to root your android device. Try any other exploit using Framaroot.

App Hanged or Crashed? You can Close app and Re-try that exploit now.

Option Two- Unroot

Android Unrooting also gains you so many advantages .If you want to unroot your device when you select this option giving click on the unroot option.The option will delete SuperSU app as well as  it’s binaries.In other hands, it is used to unroot android phone which is aleardy rooted Android device.To unroot your device, follow steps given as below,

  1. Select unroot from the drop down menu.
  2. Select any of available exploit.
  3. It will delete su binaries and su app too.

Option Three- Execute Script

Mentioned Option provides for Advanced users. It is not recommended to use this option.It can brick your device too beause you need some knowledge further  operation using this option.

Further Details For Some of Framaroot Errors

If you can see any errors when select the any exploits that it means is framaroot not support to root your android device.if you have error number lesser than or  equal to nine when it means that your device is not supported truely with Framaroot. So you stop further rooting operation framaroot for device.Furthermore,if you have error numer 10 when you should try to root your device framaroot Apk 1.5.3 why error number says that your device can root surely.


Q1. Framaroot not working on your device. What to do?

A1. You can give a try to other exploits. You can try other exploits or any other APK.

Q2-Why Framaroot incudes many Eploits?

A2-It can root Almost all android Device than other rooting tools.

How to Get perfect Answer about Framaroot?


Supported Exploits In Framaroot 1.9.3:

Sam (Exynos devices)                         Frodo (Exynos devices)              Gimli (Omap36XX devices)

Merry (Exynos devices)                       Aragorn (Samsung devices)       Legolas (Samsung devices)

Gandalf (Qualcomm devices)            Boromir (Mediatek devices)        Pippin (K3V2 devices)

Gollum (AMLogic devices)                 Faramir (Mediatek devices)        Barahir (Mediatek devices)

All Version of FramaRoot|Download Old Versions

FRAMAROOT 1.9.3                   FRAMAROOT 1.9.2                    FRAMAROOT 1.9.1

FRAMAROOT 1.9.0                   FRAMAROOT 1.8.1                    FRAMAROOT 1.8.0

FRAMAROOT 1.7.1                    FRAMAROOT 1.7.0                   FRAMAROOT 1.6.1

FRAMAROOT 1.6.0                    FRAMAROOT 1.5.3                   FRAMAROOT 1.5.2

FRAMAROOT 1.5.1                    FRAMAROOT 1.5.0                   FRAMAROOT 1.4.3

FRAMAROOT 1.4.2                   FRAMAROOT 1.4.1

Unique Features Of Framaroot Apk 1.4.1

  • Fix a bug in exploitation due to the different kernel data alignment between version and devices, so if exploits didn’t work before it “may” work with this version if your device is vulnerable
  •  Add Gandalf exploit (potentially affect Qualcomm based devices, tested on Nexus 4, as always feedbacks are welcome)
  •  Add Aragorn and Legolas exploits (could affect wide range of samsung devices including non exynos devices, please give feedbacks for your devices. Thanks)
  •  Fix unroot bug. Improvements for exploitation. Embed SuperSU 1.25
  •  Add possibility to Install Superuser, Install SuperSU and Unroot
  •  Frodo exploit added
  •  Initial all features included.

Unique Features Of Framaroot Apk 1.4.2

  • All Framaroot Apk 1.4.1 Features are included.
  • Additionally,Added Russian and French languages. Add scrollbar for exploit list. Update SuperSU to 1.30

Unique Features Of Framaroot Apk 1.4.3

  • All Framaroot Apk 1.4.2 Features are included
  • Additionally,Updated SuperSU to 1.34. Rewrote the fix include in 1.4.1 for better but slower exploitation.

Unique Features Of Framaroot Apk 1.5.0

  • All Framaroot Apk 1.4.3 Features are included
  • Additionally,Added Boromir exploit (potentially affect many Mediatek based devices).

Unique Features Of Framaroot Apk 1.5.1

  • All Framaroot Apk 1.5.0 Features are included
  • Additionally,Should fix Framaroot crashes.

Unique Features Of Framaroot Apk 1.5.2

  • All good of Framaroot Apk 1.5.1 Features are included
  • Additionally,Revert to exploitation fix included in 1.4.1. Add Slovakian and Italian languages. Error # added in toast message when exploit failed (report the error number in this thread so I could give you the reason of failure). Previously fix for Framaroot crash was a dirty hack, with this version you shouldn’t encounter crash.

Unique Features Of Framaroot Apk 1.5.3

  • All best features of  Framaroot  Apk 1.5.2  are included
  • Additionally,An attempt to fix Gandalf error#10

Unique Features Of Framaroot Apk 1.6.0

  • All best features of  Framaroot  Apk 1.5.3  are included
  • Additionally,Added Pippin exploit (potentially affect Huawei K3V2 based devices)

Unique Features Of Framaroot Apk 1.6.1

  • All best features of  Framaroot  Apk 1.6.0  are included
  • Additionally,Remove Superuser as it fail to install. Add execution support from adb command line.

Unique Features Of Framaroot Apk 1.7.0

  • All best features of  Framaroot  Apk 1.6.1  are included
  • Additionally,Due to a mistake, Pippin exploit didn’t appear in exploit list, its fixed now (Huawei device owners welcome). Add Gollum exploit for AMLogic based devices.

Unique Features Of Framaroot Apk 1.7.1

  • All best features of  Framaroot  Apk 1.7.0  are included
  • Additionally,Link to Framaroot donation added (it does nothing as this kind of application are forbidden on play store … but it could do something someday)

Unique Features Of Framaroot Apk 1.8.0

  • All best features of  Framaroot  Apk 1.7.1  are included
  • Additionally,Add Faramir exploit, little brother of Boromir (potentially affect Mediatek based devices).

Unique Features Of Framaroot Apk 1.8.1

  • All best features of  Framaroot  Apk 1.8.0  are included
  • Additionally,Another attempt to fix crashes.

Unique Features Of Framaroot Apk 1.9.0

  • All best features of  Framaroot  Apk 1.8.1  are included
  • Additionally,Add Barahir exploit (potentially affect Mediatek based devices).

Unique Features Of Framaroot Apk 1.9.1

  • All best features of  Framaroot  Apk 1.9.0  are included
  • Additionally,New action (Execute script) added which will allow you to execute a custom script. Ukrainian language added thanks to Bogdan.

Unique Features Of Framaroot Apk 1.9.2

  • All best features of  Framaroot  Apk 1.9.1  are included
  • Additionally,Update SuperSU to 1.94. Fix error #15.

Unique Features Of Framaroot Apk 1.9.3

  • All best features of  Framaroot Apk 1.9.1  are included
  • Additionally,Update SuperSU to 1.99r4. Add Czech translation thanks to efIT^cz™.

You can find so many details about Framaroot using XDA.

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