Four Rooting Methods To Root LG G6 SmartPhone Safely


LG G6 is the first revolutionary smartphone that has made history on the market. 5 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal storage and also the external storage capacity 128 GB, is the first phone that offers a high specification. No phone in the history of smartphones could provide what LG G6 has provided. Not only that, it has 24MP rear camera that gives you the ability to take high quality images and high definition videos. The features provided by LG G6 is endless applications and never enough can be installed on it to fill it. Even if you store videos, music and other data, so you cannot fill a lot of space on your phone. But if you are told that there is more to this? How is the sound?

We know it is quite amazing and you that we are lying. But, in fact, what is really a fact that can even go further and unlock the full power of this smarter extension rooting your phone’s phone. Rooting Android phone likes to get the privilege control on the system underlined. This means that you can do unexpected things in what you could not do without rooting. For the root of your device, you can install custom ROMs, block annoying advertisements, install incompatible applications, save battery, increase phone performance, etc.

In this small guide we will show you how the LG G6 root using a pair of tools that are available on the Internet and share the easiest ways for you to do it without any problems.Anyway you should provide below requirement to success the Rooting of LG 6 SmartPhone.

Make sure you get everything right beforehand.


Root Your LG 6 With FramaRoot Safely & Easily.

FarmaRoot is an awesome  free Root Tool  that supports for large number of Android devices. FramaRoot can root your LG G6 with one click safely and easily. Just use the following guide-lines to achieve your goal.

  1. Download the most recent form of Framaroot from this Web-site (I prescribe the most recent rendition).
  2. Install the downloaded APK document on your Android device.
  3. Start the application, and in the event that at least one endeavor accessible in the application can possibly root your framework, they will be appeared on the screen.
  4. You ought to see a menu on the screen that gives you a chance to choose whether you need to introduce Superuser or SuperSU (you can pick the one, both works fine) all things considered, or unroot a gadget that is as of now established.
  5. Tap any of the accessible and prepared endeavors to take a stab at establishing your gadget with it. You will get a message telling you whether establishing was fruitful or not. On the off chance that it fizzled, attempt one of the other accessible adventures.
  6. Once you get the provoke that your Device was effectively rooted, basically reboot the gadget and appreciate.

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Root Your LG 6(H870) With OneClickRoot Safely & Easily

  1. Download and install One Click Root
  2. Connect your LG G6 H870 to your PC using your USB cord
  3. Enable USB debugging on your device from the Developer Options menu
  4. Run One Click Root by clicking ROOT. The OneClickRoot will automatically complete all remaining steps.

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Root Your LG 6 With KingoRoot PC version Safely & Easily

  1. Download KingoRoot PC version free from upper link
  2. Install the program as administrator.
  3. Launch the program. Then Connect your Device via USB.
  4. Then click KingoRoot root Button.
  5. You will have the root access.

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If you are failed with above rooting method when you can surely root your Android Device installing By TWRP(Team Work Recovery Project).


Root LG 6 With TWRP|Unlock Bootloader of LG 6


  1. LG G6 from T-Mobile
  2. Windows, Mac, or Linux computer
  3. USB data cable

Unlock Bootloader Of LG 6

  1. Install ADB & Fastboot
  2. Enable OEM Unlocking & USB Debugging
  3. Get ADB Up & Running
  4. Unlock the Bootloader & Reboot

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