Fortnite Now Running On Rooted Devices With Latest Magisk

Fortnite Now Running On Rooted Devices With Latest Magisk

Rooting Android Device(Smartphone & Tablet) gains you so many rewarding which it opens up a lot of possibilities that have been restricted in Non-Rooted Smartphones runs on the stock Firmware. Android user can install Custom ROMs, uninstall bloatware(Useless Apps) and run utility applications through the Android Rooting.

However, many applications, due to security problems and developers Barriers, do not really drive on rooted devices. social Media Apps, many banking applications and other sensitive data are unsafe to run on rooted devices without Virus Guard.

But a recognized developer of XDA called Topjohnwu created Magisk, creating a root without the system which really did not modify the original files of the system. Therefore, he was able to work with the Google Security Network API and effectively hide the root of blocked applications. Magisk only denied many negative aspects when using a rooted device. Although, Magisk is not infallible, and games like Grand Order and Fortnite really detect rooted phones, even when they are hidden by Magisk. These applications do use the Safety Net API, but they also have additional controls to block rooted devices.Fortnite has several million downloads and has become very popular among Android users, so naturally, people with rooted phones who expected to play fortnite will be very disappointed.

How To use Magisk

Root Almost All Android Devices With Magisk|Manage Almost All Android Device With Magisk Manager

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