Font installer apk | best for your font install

Font installer apk is best for your font install

Android users always find best root app use for their own devices. Android apps market introduce and developed varies of apps and tool. Web authors writing about apps with their experience. Most of apps are launch on Google play store. We say simple advice for you to select best apps; first of all you have read reviews (successful downloaded users), download quantity and easy to use handling system.

Font installer apk

Font installer apk is the best font installer on rooted android. It’s help for android back up, preview and install from SD card and share your fonts.

Font installer use only for rooted devices, it’s available in ROM Tool Box. Pro version included more features.

How can you change your android font use with font installer apk?

  • First download font installer apk using below links.
  • You can choose server font or local fonts.
  • Choose the font you want, after install.
  • Click on install.
  • Install has been successful complete.

Font installer apk free

Font installer apk pro

Careful instruction when using font installer apk

Fonts modifies occur change your system files. You have to know about how to restore your device back to stock and always you have current back up of recovery.

Font installer apk overwrites the font files in the system font’s directory you can install font root access and S-OFF (HTC) devices some apps can’t be overwritten font installer (some apps use own font). If you want install any font before you should back up your font (always you have current nandroid backup). Always needs overwrite correct system files because you should select correct font to be over written, running android 4.0ICS or newer (make sure roboto-regular .ttf is selected) , running android 3.x or earlier (make sure Droidsans .ttf is selected running MIUI(make sure Arial.ttfis selected).

You can fallow these steps. Open font installer > click menu> preferences> select fonts, to change which fonts get overwritten

How to restore the original font.

You restore your font system using default system,

  • Press the menu button while inside “front installer apk”.
  • Click backup and restore.
  • Restore the original font (you made font backup before changing font).

How to choose accurate font your android.

Android ICS or 4.1jellybean  :  Roboto font

Android 3.x or earlier  :  Droidsans font

MIUI  :  Arial font

If you fail all process what can you do?

  • Re flashing your ROM involve last resort or restoring a nandroid backup of the system partition (system partition didn’t touch factory reset)

It is not supported! What are you doing?

First find the desired font and downloaded it to your SD card and using font installer navigate to the local tab to select the font file and install.

Most of reviews, comment it’s good for rooted android.

  • Awesome apps among all the apps that I have installed this is the most usable app.
  • A few reviews comment it’s so difficult.


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