Flashlight Apps For Android Spy You Easily

Smartphones now are already including a flashlight feature. Whether it be the flagship or entry-level ones, this feature is just a click away. However, app store platforms contain a lot of variant apps including games social media, tool and more. Google’s Play Store has tons of applications.

You will be confused that these most popular application requests for over 25 permissions on various data on your smartphone. And while these applications may be harmless, but you will be surprised that they have special features.

Flashlight apps on Android could be beyond your flashing lights

Luis Corrons (Avast security researcher) has analyzed grants requested by over 900 flashlight applications in the Google Play Store, including the ones that are still available on the platform and the ones that are not. furthermore, each application requested 20+ separate grants. Meanwhile, Super Bright Flashlight and Ultra Color Flashlight asked 77 permission. And six other requested 70 permissions or more.

The pretty basic idea of gaining permission by apps is to access data or features on your device so these applications can work correctly. Over the past years, however, an expanding number of applications have been trying to get entrance to user’s call records, cameras, photos, contacts, emails, and even location.

Okay let’s see what are these flashlight applications that spying on you, UNINSTALL TODAY

Out of the 900+ flashlight apps analyzed, only seven of those were found to be malicious. Most of the applications just displayed advertisements. Nevertheless, several of these Torch apps already have enough system opportunities to be able to easily lift the user’s particular data.

Anyway, it is not too late, below are the ten most hateful flashlight applications. If you still have them on your smart device, remove them immediately.

  • Super Flashlight LED & Morse code
  • Flashlight – Brightest Flash Light
  • Flashlight for Samsung
  • Flashlight – Brightest LED Light & Call Flash
  • 1Free Flashlight 
  • Ultra Color Flashlight
  • Super Bright Flashlight
  • Flashlight Plus
  • Brightest LED Flashlight
  • Fun Flashlight SOS mode & Multi LED

Most users tend to get too excited when installing a new application from any applications distribution platforms. They end up giving permissions to whatever the application has been asking for. According to Avast, there is a grey area when it comes to flagging applications asking too many permissions as hateful. And because users give themselves the permissions, many security solutions do not consider them as hateful.

When it gets to these flashlight applications, users should be very careful in giving it permissions. If requests are not associated with the app’s function, then you should not probably allow it. But just to secure your data, delete all your flashlight applications now (even those who are not on the ten malicious apps). As mentioned, smartphones nowadays already have built-in flashlights.

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