[Guide] Fix Kingroot apk Errors “No strategy found”

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Kingroot is one of best one click rooting app that can obtain root access without connecting to PC and Unlocking Bootloaders, flashing custom recoveries. Because of its functionality The KingRoot is very popular at now with root users. Even it is very useful KingRoot sometimes doesn’t work for all uses. Because the android supported smart devices are made by many of companies in the world.

Fix Kingroot apk Errors "No strategy found"All one-click rooting tools are using all exploits that can found in Android system. When a new exploit found the developers are making new application to get improvement from the exploit and make user to root the device with a one click. That are plethoras of other single-click root tool but that don’t work anymore.

Fix Kingroot apk Errors “No strategy found”

If any firmware gets updated the sometimes exploits are patched. This is the main problem to one click rooting apps. So those apps are not working with those firmware any longer. In this case you have to find new rooting tools or apps to get root access facility on your device. Kingroot is works with many android devices but some android uses says that they have rooting issues comes with their devices.

The most common problem of KingRoot app is: “No Strategy Found” or the root process stops after 20% completing or after 50% completing and on those point the device reboots. If you face this problem it is better to try to connect device to the better internet connection and try it again. Commonly the Kingroot app needs to connect to internet to properly root phone. But it is an optional step. Even the developers have created the Kingroot app to work alone without internet, But the app may need to update to its latest version. Because the developers’ are always working hard to develop KingRoot tool and the updates are coming recently.

If user connected properly internet and the KingRoot app is not working, user has to update firmware. And the new update will have patched the exploit. Better solution is you must use Kingroot latest version. If it is still not working, the main problem is exploits are patched. So still can’t root that updated firmware from kingroot. So in this problem you must have to downgrade the firmware for root your android device. It is the only way to solve this problem.Another option comes with Kingroot app. If you are not get the root access using kingroot app, the KIngXteam gives the facility to inform them about your device and they will try to make better exploits to those devices. You can see how many uses have informed related to your device.

So you have to wait until this exploits updated in Kingroot.

Other option is try to use other root tools and check are they working with your device.

Here we have listed some other one click rooting tools;

KingoRoot | iRoot | Framaroot | Towelroot

Steps user can take to Fix Kingroot apk Errors

  • If user has updated the device then downgrade to an older version (Firmware)
  • Download and use the latest Kingroot app
  • Need a stable internet connection
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