Everything Need To Know Get a Best Selfie

Everything Need To Know Get a Best Selfie

The trend of taking best selfies is quite popular among the generation of today’s technology. This can be seen as a style quotient that spreads too quickly among young people. People generally prefer to buy the best phones to take photos. The brands of mobile devices in many opportunities in the middle of the photogenic generation that inspires to launch devices with a camera and amazing features. As for the choice of people, they are more inclined to buy a smartphone not only with good features, but also with a better camera.

However, having a good phone is not enough for most users. With the applications of selfies dedicated to surfing, we have the ability to add filters, stickers, AR masks and what not to our selfies. However, with so many applications to choose from, which are the best to use? Well, we can help to make your job easier. You should Keep reading start to end, as we bring you our list of the 10 best selfie apps for Android and iOS that you can use to improve your best selfie operation.

In addition, having above both requirements are not enough to make huge selfie productively. User needs follow some special tactics to make a good selfie. Don’t worry, this article will explain you all of special tactics to make good selfies easily.

So, these are the basic needs to make best selfie. Understand, you need provide best camera, your camera should include best camera app and you need to follow real photo picking tactics when you can make good selfie easily.

Top Smartphones to Make Best Selfie

Samsung Galaxy A6 (2018)

Most of the phones on this list are quite high-end, since the best cameras have been reserved for the high-end, but the Samsung Galaxy A6 is clearly of the range of means, which makes it an excellent choice of budget.

But what’s so great about your selfie camera? At first glance, its 16MP f / 1.9 lens may not sound special, and that’s because it is not the lens that is special, but what comes with it: an LED flash.

While most smartphones have a flash for their rear camera, a few have one on the front, and their presence here means the Samsung Galaxy A6 is great for taking selfies in low light.

And even beyond that, it’s pretty decent, since 16MP is a megapixel count higher than that of most snappers, so you can capture the images. 

Honor 10

The Honor 10 is almost as tall as a flagship, but much more affordable than most of the time, and its camera. It is also better than most of the time. There’s nothing more sophisticated about it, but the phone as a whole has many advantages, from a striking glass design to a powerful eight-core chipset, a camera on the front of the lens with AI power and a camera in the glass. Fingerprint scanner.

The S9 range (shown below) takes better selfies in low light, but if the lighting is good, the Honor 10 is a superior option. That they hold. A screen much bigger than a smartphone.

Huawei P20 / P20 Pro

Like the Honor 10, the Huawei P20 and P20 Pro have a 24MP front camera, so you can take very detailed selfies. However, in general, this is the best way to do it.

On the one hand, they have better rear cameras, with the Huawei P20 having a higher quality lens, while the Huawei P20 has been identified in an unknown location with contact lenses, and both phones can serve for the best options with little light.

We also have to wait for a flagship: large screens, lots of power, large storage capacity, premium designs and, in the case of the P20 Pro, water resistance. They are expensive, but they are worth it.


The OnePlus6 stands out for its selfie use thanks to its high-specification 16 megapixel front camera that also has electronic image stabilization (EIS), which means that it is an expert in counteracting the movement of the camera, making it more likely that your photos are focused.

Elsewhere, the phone also has a pair of 16MP and 20MP dual lens cameras on the back that can take better selfies if you can frame them.

It also contains a complete set of high-end Snapdragon 845 chips, up to 8GB of RAM and a large 6.28-inch Super AMOLED display. All that is much cheaper than most ships.

Samsung Galaxy S9 / S9 Plus

At first glance, the Samsung Galaxy S9 and the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus do not have bright options for selfies. After all, they only have an 8 megapixel camera and do not have an LED flash.

But what we also have is an aperture of f / 1.7, which is much better than most front cameras.  For more recent images and better shots in low light.

The Galaxy S9 range also has some of the best rear cameras that are on a 12MP lens with an open variable, while the S9 Plus also adds a second lens to the mix.

In fact, the S9 Plus is in particular one of the best phones that you can buy in general, since it is in high-end in almost every way, but there are some better selfie phones.

Top 5 Selfie Apps To Make Best Selfie

Sweet Selfie|Download: (Free)

The main strength of Sweet Selfie is its list of features, which is quite impressive. Keeping in mind that it’s free, you get many tools to make selfies shine. The key feature is an intelligent automatic beautification that is applied to a set of pre-set filters, smoothest and focuses and can convert an average image into a professional-looking image. Besides that, you have the typical vintage filters and you can add emoji and stickers to your photo for a bit of fun. Finally, to share with a single touch or participate in special contests.

Candy Camera|Download: (Free)

Candy Camera is a photo application that allows you to add a touch of style to your photos, which gives you a wide variety of filter options, frames and decals.

The most interesting thing about Candy Camera is that she can see, in real time, how the filters that are offered are seen in the same sense without having to take the picture. You just have to swipe your finger across the screen to scroll through the different available filters.

Once you have taken the photo, of course, have even more possibilities available to you. You can find all kinds of stickers to decorate easily the photos, as well as different frames and post-processing filters.

Candy Camera is a relatively good application. While it is designed following the lines of Instagram, and in many ways it is better than Instagram in terms of editing and personalizing photos, it does not have an integrated social network. Thus, you can share your photos on Twitter or similar networks.

B612|Download: (Free)

B612 is a photo application specially designed to make selfies that allows you to apply dozens of filters to your images before sharing your favorite social networks.

In total, B612 has more than 50 different filters. You can choose any of these by simply sliding your finger along the bottom of the screen, where you can see a small preview of how it looks. You can also slide your finger over the image to apply it to the random filter.

In addition to applying filters, B612 allows you to make collages with your photos. They can be done with normal selfies or with a composition of up to nine photographs, and even vertical compositions of two or three images.

B612 also includes a timer, thanks to which you can take selfies from a distance, and change the inclination to play with depth of field.

B612 is a good photo application that offers a complete and easy-to-use interface. In summary, an excellent application for anyone who wants to take a good selfie using effects, filters and anything else you might want.

YouCam Perfect|Download: (Free)

YouCam Perfect is a photo editing tool to apply tons of great effects to your favorite photos, from small changes to powerful modifications.

The main feature of YouCam Perfect is the self-beautification, which resumes your images without you having to do practically nothing.

That said, where YouCam Perfect really shines is in its many options to edit the shape of faces and eyes. You can make your face look thinner and your eyes look bigger while you select the intensity of the effect you want to apply.

YouCam Perfect also includes other features, such as the possibility of inserting documents from different frames and multiple color filters that will give you a different image.

Once you have finished editing your images in YouCam; Perfect: you can upload them to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox or Gmail. Select the social network platform of your choice and share your images in a matter of seconds.


BestMe is a selfie application designed specifically to share instantly on social networks. The application comes with an emoji-grid photo mode, a meaningless mode for Instagram, along with 125 real-time filters and a large number of labels. We’ll also get a real-time collage feature and a camera and specialized editor to capture the perfect selfie. If you want an application, click on the images that the social media lists from the first moment, BestMe is the best  selfie application you’re looking for. In fact, the application also has direct shared content to easily publish your images on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more.

 Top Tactics for Make Best Selfie

Since, socially, it takes life; selfies are part of your daily routine, which translates into something like this: you put on makeup, you find incredible light and you proceed to take 40 selfies, because they are options. Unfortunately, if you get the wrong angle, your photo is less likely to make the cut worthy of Insta. To avoid that, follow these easy tips for your best selfie.

  1. Look towards the camera. While doing, slightly raise the eyebrows to make them appear larger. Then, think of something that really makes you sound, which will create the look of a genuine happiness that will shine in your photo.
  2. Extend your head away from your neck. This helps create the appearance of a longer neck and a sharper jaw line. You can also push the shoulders down to see more relaxed.
  3. In the place of holding the phone in front of you, hold it to the side to get a perfect angle.
  4. Relax your mouth and exhale, blowing air through your lips. If you want to keep your mouth open or fully closed in your selfie, blowing air through your lips before moving to the image prevents the mouth from showing in your image. Bono: You also have to make your pout look chubbier.
  5. In your selfie position, turn slowly until you find your best light. Then, get away!
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