Easiest Way To Solve Android App Not Installed Error On Smartphones

Easiest Way To Solve Android App Not Installed Error On Smartphones

Generally, Most Android users have gotten this experience of Android App Not Installed Error On Smartphones during the installation of the android application. This error usually happens while the user installs an app using an apk file extension from somewhere on play store download. This error makes confusing which not a hardware problem or software issues. The error is an outcome of our action that we perform with our device. Our wrong operations can cause such error of not installing android application on our smart  Android devices.

 However, results of this error are a failure of required Application installation on your Android Smartphone and you can get your experience by desired App. We are going to discuss some of the common cause and solutions to fix Android App not installed error through this article.

Reason To Have occurred Android App Not Installed Error 

Not Root Access

Some Best Android App needs root access to complete the installation on your Android Smartphone. If you try to install such App without Root Access when they can’t install on your Android Device. So, you should make a rooted Android Device before install such App. Android Rooting is not a big task. It is a very awesome operation with our guidelines.

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Insufficient Storage

Generally, any  Android device fills on day by day various data such as Apps, Photos, Videos, message and much more. The stored data in the device consume memory on your Android Device. The Inadequate storage gives up another app which occurs Android app not installed error. Anyway, we can’t provide how to make free memory space on your Android Device through this article.

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Corrupted Application File

The application file downloaded from other sources instead of Google Play Store Download may be corrupted. Therefore cannot be installed on your smart device. However, if you need to install some App from other Website when being sure to download the application from the trusted site. Add specific websites to the list of Trusted Sites or Exceptions in your browser to enable advanced functionality while maintaining a high level of security for general web browsing

Corrupted SD Card 

Corrupted SD Card causes the Android app not installed error easily. The useless data may clog internal storage which contains an element disturbs the storage location. So corrupted SD Card and clogged internal storage can drive your device in danger.

Storage Location

Sometimes a certain app needs specific location either in the device’s internal memory or SD card(External Memory). The contrary is doing save the application in an inappropriate location. Saving an  App in an inappropriate location may cause the android app not installed error on your device. Anyway, understand well, saving in the correct location needs to work well for Apps.

Since every issue has a solution. To solve this problem, you are not needed help by professional. You can easily solve it. To give up this issue, you should understand app requirements before starting the installation by using App’s description

Delete Useless Application

Running useless applications in your device consume more space. Removing such useless applications from the Android Smart device allows to free up storage easily which helps in getting rid of such issue of Android app not installed error.

Use of Google Play Store Download

Google Play Store is a trusted source for Android Software. Play store brings you a safe and awesome application. You can find different types of the Android application by Google play store so you don’t have to believe in any other third-party source to install an application. Make sure you always to use a trusted source like Google Play Download which avoids the Android app not installed error.

Format SD Card

Formatting a corrupted SD Card can be brought a workable SD card again. Android user can format your device SD card either in a device or externally.

Reboot Your Device

Restarting your device is to close all the operation that is running on your device. Sometimes such running operations lead such problems.

Factory Reset

Android user can remove data from your Android Phone or Tablet by resetting it into factory settings. Generally, this operation is called as formatting or a hard reset. Anyway, the Factory resetting will drive your Android device’s software collection into the manufacturer level. It means that your device remains the only manufacturer included Android Application. However, A factory reset erases all your data from your device. SoIf you will reset your Android Device to fix an issue of Android app not installed error. Here, I recommend first trying other solutions to solve your issue.

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