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In Android OS haven’t better procedure to restoring deleted files or Data. If you unexpectedly deleted any file you cannot restore that.  All of know in windows you got a Recycle bin. You can restore deleted files on there.

Now don’t worry about that. Don’t make negative impression of your favorite mobile OS Android. You can use 3rd party tools for restoring. You can get a recycle Bin for your Android too.

Dumpster Recycle bin app ApkThis Dumpster Recycle bin app Apk is the better tool for it. Let’s see how to work with dumpster app and benefits of using it. Easily you can get idea about Dumpster; it works as windows Recycle Bin. It keeps deleted files before completely remove from your device. It is standalone app newer need Internet connection to use it after installation. It have both free and premium versions. But Free version is have good features regarding to restoring files.

Lets see how to use Dumpster Recycle bin app Apk

Install Dumpster app to your device. Then open it. In first launch you have select what type of files you need to save before delete those permanently. So tap on the menu button on the left upper comer in the app and go to settings option. In general options Select proect settings option. Dumpster app mainly categorized and listed file types to save. It is under What do you want Dumpster to Save? Topic.

  • Images
  • Videos
  • Audio
  • Documets
  • Other files.
  • Apps.

You can enable file types using radio Button.

How you can find your deleted files.

  • In default screen is You can see the file list that dumpster saved.  Files grouped to folders and the file sizes also displayed in right side.
  • And dumpster gives the chance to select files using categories like imageges, videos, apps , etc.. it is also very easy and useful way to find deleted files.
  • Also Dumpster gives ability to sort files under Date, Size, Type and Name. It also makes easy to browse your deleted files in dumpster.
  • Multiple selection modes are also available on it.

You can choose files using upper mentioned ways. Then select one or more files that wan to restore or delete. After selection done, you can see both restore and delete buttons in the bottom of the apps screen. Select what you need to do. Next cool thing is you have Undo option if you want to cancel last process. This is the quick steps to use Dumpster. The restoring or deleting time is depended to your selected file list and file size.

More options in dumpster

Auto clean – Scheduling

You can setup Auto clean mode in dumpster.  You will have 3 types of auto cleaning methods;  1 week, 1 month and 3 months. Many uses are Recommend 1 week auto clean.

Manual Clean in Dumpster.

In your dumpster menu you can empty the Dumpster as you wish.

Premium options.

In premium version you can enable to make backup to cloud storages.  And ads free.

Root Uses

Dumpster supports both Rooted and Non-Rooted devices. But you get better performances in rooted devices.

Now don’t worry. You can restore any file that deleted unexpectedly. Best tool for it is Dumpster. You can use it very efficiently and easy. Feedback will appreciate. Thanks.




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