Do You Still Need to Root Android Phone in 2019?

Do You Still Need to Root Android Phone in 2019?

Root Android Smartphones is a key element in the lives of smartphone owners since they became popular. By rooting an Android phone, you easily take control of the key functions of system administration, which allows a more advanced personalization of the Android device. In the previous days, you may have heard a person who roots their phone is an obligation that we all must do. Is Root Android still valid advice on today? And if so, what are the benefits of doing so in 2019?

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Why Do You Need Root Android?

The answer is simple, let’s see what are the reasons and why are people Root Android recently? If the reasons still persist today when root your phone on today is very important to make the huge android experience.

1.Removing Bloatware

Bloatware” is the term for useless software where pre-installed and runs on a device or computer by Manufacturers/careers. Most Android users don’t like to work with Bloatware filled environment on your Android Smartphone. So you need to decide whether to work with pre-installed Bloatware or not. Generally, Manufacturers included so many Bloatware because of business strategy as well as media of spreading Advertisements. We know so many Bloatware Apps allow for advertisements. Some  Android devices allow uninstalling these apps, while some are needed a rooted Android device because the system files can’t be removed without rooting privilege. Root access allows you to control over the bloatware, so you can delete even the most useless apps.

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2.Installing Root-Only Apps

Apps such as tethering, backup, and advanced video recording apps require complete Administrative control over the hardware in order to work. It means that they require root access to attain usage of the device’s design. If you will hope to use these kinds of apps when you need to root your phone before using them.

We can find still apps in the Play store, as well as other Apps, store such Application which they require root permissions for the full range of features. For example, Google has since not allowed the ability to record the screen with its audio on the default OS. Rooted screen capture apps can bypass this option to make huge Android Experience easily.

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3. Battery Improvements

Battery life is an important part of every  Android device. If you can’t use your phone all day without needing some extra juice when Nothing really matters. Sometimes the Android phone you’re stopped because not great battery life, but you can not do about it furthermore. However, android rooting can help you to solve that easily. Apps like Greenify will help you to control over apps that eat up the battery. Such Apps analyze the running apps meanwhile allow you to choose apps to be “hibernated” when not in use. The process will help to prevent consuming battery in the background. It’s awesome for apps you to improve your Battery life easily.

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2. Better Backups

A phone includes so many information, Apps, Audios and Videos which is very important to conduct our life. Generally, that should be needed to keep them for further use. When we consider data protection, we need to select a real backup methodology to get them. The default non-root backup tools are awesome, anyway, they support in little bit range. However, Android Root allows you to back up literally everything on your Android device easily. It means that the easiest way to get complete backup is the usage of backing up for a rooted Android device.

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3. Custom ROMs

Flashing the Custom ROM is one of the awesome reason to root your Android Smartphone. A custom ROM is literally a 3rd party OS which can support to your Android device and most custom ROMs bring best features than similar Stock ROMs. LineageOS, CarbonROM, and Paranoid Android are brilliant custom ROMs in the current Android World. Android Developers often bring Android updates and features to Android Smartphones faster than manufacturers. If you’re unhappy with the software runs on your Android device when a custom ROM gives you a  new experience wonderful easily.

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4. Deep Automation

We can find a lot of automation apps which are available in the Play Store these days. However, if you need to use Automation Apps when you need a rooted Android device.

Tasker is the best apps for automation of Android Devices. To use Tasker does not require root, but rooting can go much deeper if it has. Things that you are needed normally a manual changes, such as turning off the GPS, switching between networks or turning off the screen;  if you have rooted Android Device when can automate easily. If you are really interested in automation when the root will open your opportunity in deeper and productively.

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5. Extreme Customization

Customization helps to bring huge core features that make Android different from other mobile OS. Android users offer already do a ton of customization without Android root. How it has some limitations. Anyway, if you need more customization when you need a rooted android to make huge Android experience with your Smartphone. Rooted Android devices support for the change up the boot logo, install a custom system font, redesign the nav bar buttons, use a different lock screen, and so much more. Furthermore, a custom ROM is one of the best ways to take customization to the max. Understand, to flash custom ROMs on your Android also need rooted Android devices.

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6. Free Tethering

In mobile technology, connecting a mobile phone to a laptop through USB cable is called a term of tetheringTethering can do with different media such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or USB. Tethering usually allows the sharing of internet connection of one device to another. Carriers like to block and remove tethering from Android phones. However, Android Root offers to turn your phone into a mobile hotspot.

7. Magisk & Xposed Modules

Magisk and Xposed are very awesome tools among Android Advanced users. These tools allow you to install “modules.” The modifications can be installed from a repository.  Magisk and Xposed support to customize your phone easily. Developers create modules and other users can easily apply them to their Android device.

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8. More Powerful Apps

Root access allows apps to do more. Root makes the ability to tinker on the system level of your Android. You can use so many powerful Apps which they are not supported for Non-Rooted Android Device.  After you have rooted your Android, you should search as “root” in the Play Store. You can find an awesome new world of options for Android.

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10. Remove Any App

Dealing with so many Bloatware are headache full process proceeded by Manufacturers and careers to be made a business platform or media through their customers. Generally, more than 20 bloatware Apps includes for an Android device. Manufacturers, as well as carriers, love to pre-install useless apps/bloatware to their Android Device(Smartphone and Tablets). However, Most Android users never use these apps. But they just take up space in your Android and use power to run them. Android does not allow to uninstall or disable most bloatware apps. Anyway, you can do it easily even further with root.

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Do You Need to Root?

When we consider the past era in Android devices that they were unoptimized, lacked basic features. It meant that users needed root access/privileges to make huge Android experience with their Android devices. Android Rooting was often very easy to do in a few minutes.

These days, Android devices are most improved and developed(Current Android Smartphones includes so many best features than previous older Android devices) by Manufacturers so rooting is not an important process for so many users. However, only a “need” for Android users who require to feel the extra effort to be eligible for rooted Android devices.

To get complete control over your phone,  to install root-only apps, remove bloatware, and to change the basic design of the Android devices designed by developers, the process needs a rooted Android device.

The root of the Problem

Generally, common Android users can use productively Android devices which runs stock firmware. So Android rooting is not important recently as the past era. After android rooting, you may face so many security issues and operation issues, so we are not recommended for common users to make rooted android devices.

However, if you have knowledge about the Android ecosystem when you can do the big thing with your Android after rooting. It means that android rooting is never ending operation from the world. Creative minded Android users/developers need rooting and they can forward so many best features to the community with their research.

Do you think phones should be rooted in 2018? Let us know below!


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