Cool Levitating Bluetooth HD Speaker

Cool Levitating Bluetooth HD Speaker

How would you feel if your speaker gives a great sound quality while levitating? Air 2-CSBT-311-BLK wireless floating sound 4.0 Bluetooth HD speaker is the best example for acoustic sound with levitating technology. It is the best awarded innovation of 2015 at CES innovation awards. This Air 2 floating speaker is like art in motion. For sure this has become a conversation piece of work as a great personal speaker. It does exactly what it says it does and amazing sound can be produced by these little speakers is absolutely massive. This product is a wonderful gadget with a high end design.

Air 2 Bluetooth Wireless Levitating Speaker

The Air 2’s speaker and base are connected to each with magnets that repel one another, causing the speaker to hover over the base. The levitation effect is created by strong magnets is hidden inside the two pieces. Thanks to the repulsive power built inside the bodies, it results floating makes a lot of wide eyed lookers saying “wow”. This Air 2 levitating speaker can surely catch you with its amazing features. It is easy to access and its 12 hours battery life can entertain you wirelessly with its rich acoustic sound. At that time this levitating speaker introduced, it was estimated for a bit high price. But now it is available with a little lower price and with more color options.

Air 2 Bluetooth Wireless Levitating Speaker Features

    • Bluetooth connectivity
    • Wide audio spectrum
    • Hands free-speaker
    • Rechargeable battery
    • 5 mm AUX connection
    • Levitating technology
    • Portable speaker mounts to magnetic surfaces

Air 2 Bluetooth Wireless Levitating Speaker Specifications

  • Wireless sound experience via new Bluetooth v4.0 technology.
  • Built in Li-lon rechargeable battery.
  • Playtime up to 12 hours.
  • Bluetooth connection up to 33 feet.


Levitation improves the acoustics which offers the speaker in a better quality. You can easily connect speaker via Bluetooth from up to thirty three feet away for up to twelve hours play time. For the price this costs you can get a nice Bluetooth speaker that gives you the rich sound quality you are looking for. And what I love most about this device is its floating feature. This setup is absolutely simple but the device gets a little time to float in the very first time. The Air 2 speaker can be used independent of its base. It will magnetically attach to any compatible surface. The Air levitating speaker connects with smart phones, tablets or other Bluetooth devices. You will not get troubles to pair it with the gadget; it can be connected via AUX connection. For more ease it comes with a plastic placement tool which is less stylish but easier to use.

This floating speaker is a land mark in innovation design and sound excellence. The quality of music the levitating speaker produces has been reviewed by many audiophiles and has given highest markings. I think this levitating technology applied in this small device should bring to larger applications as well. Because this new futuristic technology can do a lot more in user’s mind.

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