Never Mess With Complete Guide;How To Root Xiaomi Poco F1 And Here’s The Reasons Why

Never Mess With Complete Guide;How To Root Xiaomi Poco F1 And Here’s The Reasons Why

Xiaomi Poco F1 features top and quality hardware comparatively to flagship Android devices like the Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ and the Note 9 and are currently the most affordable smartphones powered by the Snapdragon 845 chipset. However, this Smartphone is not brought the best quality software to make the huge android experience so need so many further developments before use it. If you are an owner of Xiaomi Poco F1 when need to root it to get the full potential of the device so any user can’t access the core of the device without android rooting. You would be pleased to know an unofficial TWRP recovery is now available for Xiaomi Poco F1, this explanation will be moved on Never Mess With Complete Guide;How To Root Xiaomi Poco F1 And Here’s The Reasons Why.

How to Root Xiaomi Poco F1 contains a 3 step process such as

(a) Unlocking the Bootloader of a Xiaomi Poco F1

(b) Flashing TWRP recovery of a Xiaomi Poco F1

(c) Flashing Magisk via TWRP of a Xiaomi Poco F1.

Prerequisites For Never Mess With Complete Guide;How To Root Xiaomi Poco F1 And Here’s The Reasons Why

  • Ensure that you take a full backup of all the data on your Android Smartphone.we to know that Your valuable data includes messages, contacts, and everything else that you feel necessary.
  • Don’t forget to Charge the Xiaomi Poco F1 ’s battery at least 80-85%
  • Enable USB debugging on Xiaomi Poco F1: To do so, go to the device ‘Settings’ -> ‘About phone’.Now, you need to tap on the ‘MIUI version’ continuously until  to see the message of ‘You are now a developer!
  • Enable OEM Unlocking in Developer Options. To do that, go to ‘Settings’ -> ‘Aditional settings’ and tap on ‘Developer options’.Finally, you need to Scroll down and enable the ‘OEM Unlocking’ toggle.
  • Anyway, don’t forget to unlock the bootloader on Xiaomi Poco F1 before starting the (b) and (c) steps. If you still haven’t unlocked the bootloader of Xiaomi Poco F1 when we have given guidelines above to Unlock Bootloader on Xiaomi Devices. Please, do it first.
  • Finally, you need to download and install ADB & Fastboot on your Computer along with ADB Drivers

Required Files:

(a) Unlocking the Bootloader of a Xiaomi Poco F1

Generally, the Bootloader unlocking process needs time a little bit. However, with the Poco F1, Xiaomi has adopted a more developer-friendly approach which has officially stated that new users should be able to unlock the bootloader within 3 days. To unlock the Bootloader of Xiaomi Poco F1, you can follow these guidelines easily. Read More-Most Effective Method to unlock Bootloader Of Any Android Devices.

(b)How To Install TWRP Custom Recovery on Xiaomi Poco F1 

1. Once you have unlocked Bootloader of Xiaomi Poco F1, you require installing TWRP Custom Recovery on your device. Please download the TWRP recovery for Xiaomi Poco F1, if you still have not downloaded at the previous step.

2. After you have done above step, you need to connect your Android device to the PC.

3. Now you must navigate to the ADB & Fastboot installation folder and press Shift + Right Click. From the pop-up menu select the option ‘Open Command Window Here.’

4. Then, you need to enter the following command to reboot your device into fastboot or bootloader mode.

adb reboot bootloader

5. While you turn into the fastboot mode, just use the below given command to flash TWRP image.

fastboot flash recovery twrp-

6.Now you need to hit the below given command in order to reboot your device into TWRP Recovery.

fastboot boot twrp-

7.Once you have rebooted in TWRP Recovery, just click on the “Keep Read Only” tab to not allow for system modifications.

8. Now, just need to move root folder, then select file and swipe right to flash.

Wow, now, you are turned into the recovery mode completely. It means that you can root your Xiaomi Poco F1 using any of Android Rooting tool. Furthermore, we use Magisk To make a rooted Android device as below,

(c)How To Root Xiaomi Poco F1  

1. Downloaded the Magisk ZIP file transfers the same to the internal memory of Xiaomi Poco F1 Smartphone.

2. After doing the above step, you need to press and hold the button combination of Volume Up + Power to reboot your device into recovery mode.

3. The TWRP menu will come in front of you. From the options select ‘Install’ and select the Magisk file utilizing the browse option.

4. Now you need to swipe to flash the Magisk File on your Xiaomi POCO F1 device.

5. After you have flashed with Magisk, you should reboot your Xiaomi POCO F1.

That’s enough! Android Rooting process is successfully completed now. Wow, you have a rooted Xiaomi POCO F1 now.

Conclusion:  Never Mess With Complete Guide;How To Root Xiaomi Poco F1 And Here’s The Reasons Why

The rooting process of the Xiaomi POCO F1 is complicated in the little bit but if you follow the real instructions/guidelines when you can make a rooted android device easily and productively. However, to confirm root status, you can use Root checker easily.

We explained the best and most productive method to root your Xiaomi Poco F1. However, you can root this Smart Phone with KingRoot or Wondershare TunesGo easily. If you would like to try when you have to oppotunity to make rooted Xiaomi Poco F1 With them.

After root your Xiaomi POCO F1  Device, you can make huge Android experience why you can enter into the core of the Android system.



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