Complete Guide to Get Android P Style Recent Apps Panel on Android Devices

Complete Guide to Get Android P Style Recent Apps Panel on Android Devices

Complete Guide to getting Android P Style Recent Apps Panel on Android Devices

Android Rooting brings you so many big things with your Android but this article will not explain the Android Rooting. Since the beginning of Android, the menu of recent applications has been kept intact by Google and many original equipment manufacturers from around the world. Natively, recent applications are stacked vertically according to the chronology of their use: the last application used appears first in the tray of recent applications and each subsequent application appears behind it according to the chronological order. Samsung has followed the same design for Google and stacks the applications vertically behind the order. Although this way of showing applications is very practical and functional, people get bored of seeing the same design for a long time. Google, to my surprise, renewed the panel of recent applications in Android 9 Pie with applications stacked as cards and organizations horizontally with the latest version that appears on the front and other applications appear according to their chronology order.

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Samsung Good Lock 2018, The Good Lock has been the personalization application of the user interface for Samsung Galaxy Phones for a long time. It was retired with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S8 but out of nowhere, it appeared in the Galaxy App Store a couple of months ago. And this time it brings some key features such as One Hand Operations +, Task Changer, Edge Touch, Edge Lighting + and ClockFace, which you want different OEMs to implement also in their respective user interfaces. The Good Lock app offers some awesome and incredible personalization options for any user who wants to customize the user interface of their phone. So without further ado, let me enter the tutorial.

Steps To Getting Android P Styled Recent Apps Panel

  1. You make be sure your  Android device runs on Samsung Experience 9.0 based on Android 8.0 Oreo firmware.
  2. Once you have confirmed the above facts, you need to download and install the Good Lock 2018 apk from the Galaxy Apps Store. I know that you have know varies types of play stores such as google play store, Samsung App Store, Apple App Store…etc.
  3. After installation of the Good Lock 2018 Apk, you need to open the app and grant all the required permissions.
  4. You can see different menus appearing on the home screen of Good Lock, tap on “Task Changer.” You will be asked to download the task changer module/plugin for  Good Lock 2018, download and install it.
  5. Once that is finished, open the Good Lock app again and toggle on “Task Changer.”
  6. Wonderful! You just successfully replaced the traditional Recent Apps Panel of your Samsung Galaxy Phone with a new layout.

Users can further customize their recent apps panel by selecting the kind of scroll effect their want between the following options:

  1. Cube In
  2. Cube Out
  3. Linear
  4. Scale
  5. Rotation Up
  6. Rotation Down

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Anyway, you do not forget to try out my favourite Mini Mode which brings the recent apps to appear on the bottom of the display in the form of tiny cards.

Usage of Good Lock App is the easiest way to get Android P Style Recent Apps Panel On Samsung Phones without  Android Root. I think that this article works to be achieved your requirement easily and safely

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