Common Problems in One Plus One

Common Problems in One Plus One

One plus one is an eye-catching smart phone with worth specs and a high quality ending. Most important fact is its cost. It is a budget friendly device which offers most expensive smart phone performance for less than half the price you spare on them. It is absolutely an attractive device with a customizable operating system. It is not too remarkable when it is comes to performance as there are few downsides as well. However its unfussy operating system, noteworthy specs and unbelievable low price are highly attentive.

As we mentioned above there are some of the most common issues with One plus one device, therefore I have picked a few among them to show how these drawbacks may impact and how they can be solved easily.

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  • One Plus one’s battery does not last as long as expected. Most of the customers have disappointed on this battery issue. This is a very common issue most of the smart phone users face and it is same with one plus one crowd. But there are potential solutions you can try in order to manage your battery life effectively. You can try by reducing the drain that your screen puts on your battery by changing and limiting your backlight. Addition to that you can change your screen sleep time to a short period of time and that will also help you to save your battery life. And there are certain apps that are using more power, you can check with them and you can try some alter app options to get rid of battery issue for a certain extend. Enabling power saver mode will also help you there.
  • Random Reboots is another issue one plus one user often faces with. That means your device shutting off suddenly and starts rebooting automatically. Sometimes this comes when Wi-Fi is on. If it is so turning your Wi-Fi off will make a difference. Switching out currently using themes and some of the apps will also impact on the causing issue. If you are still getting the problem you can go for a proper factory reset and then reinstall applications selectively.
  • Only a few users have reported the issue of charger overheating. You can start charging your device before it gets to the lowest as the lower the percentage your charge is at, the hotter your charger will become. And you have to make sure that you are using the correct cable to the correct plug properly.
  • Poor and slow charging is another problem most of the time comes with overheating issue. This overheating resulting a poor and slow charging. There you can plug your phone into your computer USB and notice how PC recognizes the device and is it charging. Boot your device and attempt charging your refreshed device as another option. If you continue to have this issue you will have to change your device’s battery as soon as you revealed it is not a matter with your charger. And changing your battery will help you definitely if it was an issue with the battery pack.
  • There are many problems have been reported regarding the touch screen. It often gets stuck and will not recognize double tapping. As according to the potential solutions given by system authority the best simplest way is a soft reboot. Some customization options also behind this problem. If you go into your display settings and turn off the adaptive backlight options will also fix this issue well. Make sure that your device is updated to the latest version of the operating system; it comes free of most of these touch screen issues.

However you come across these kinds of common issues with One plus one, it is a nice device if we consider the overall specifications. For more information I have list down some more very common issues when you are working with One plus one smart device.

  • Yellow tint on phone display
  • Trouble with getting GPS locks
  • Call volume low
  • Rapid battery drain
  • Connection errors with Wi-Fi
  • Dead pixels
  • Camera errors
  • Clock crashing
  • No Microsoft exchange services

These are some of the most addressed issues and you do not have to worry on these as you can easily get potential solutions as well for each different problem.



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