Common Problems in Galaxy Note 5

Common Problems in Galaxy Note 5

With Samsung Galaxy Note 5 you can get enjoyable features as it comes as one of the most polished offerings. It is a great device with large screen, a quality stylus and an accurate camera. This can be called a game changer or a deal breaker for longtime waiting fans of the Android Phablet. Galaxy Note 5 comes with a premium look and also a smart feel. Its stunning design, gorgeous display, processing power, big battery life, multitasking and stylus features are some of the absolutely smart features included in Galaxy Note 5.

Specifications of Galaxy Note 5

If we talk further about Note 5’s specifications it comes with 4 GB of RAM. Its internal storage is 32 GB and packs a 16 megapixel primary camera on the rear and a 5 megapixel front camera for best selfie experience. Its processor comes as 1.5 GHz octa-core and it is supported with Android 5.1.1. Noteworthy specs and unbelievable performance are highly attentive in Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

Common Problems in Galaxy Note 5

Every smart phone comes with its unique features and also its troubles. This fantastic Galaxy Note 5 comes with certain issues which are reported as annoying. Therefore I have picked some of the commonly reported Galaxy Note 5 problems and also potential solutions you need to fix them well.

Common Problems in Galaxy Note 5 and how to fix

  • S Pen jammed or gets stuck

The damage that could happen is very high if you put your S Pen into your Galaxy Note 5 in a wrong way. It can get stuck if you put the S Pen in the slot in a wrong way. As to some it has caused a warranty breaking damage to the device. This is a very commonly reported problem and you can pretty easily avoid the damage if you get into the habit of clicking and end to make sure it is the correct way before inserting.

If your pen is already stuck, you can use a piece of paper in order to lift up the sensor that is preventing it from coming back out. You will find the full tutorial on you tube and it will be helpful for you to fix this pen stuck problem properly.

  • Wi-Fi connection errors

Most of the Android users have experienced this issue with Wi-Fi connectivity. It will connect to your device but sometimes it does not do anything, in some cases it works but extremely sluggish. As with any other device, a quick reboot should always be the first option if it does not work there are several alter things you can try. For a connection refresh you can go to settings > Wi-Fi and tap and hold on the problematic network you identified. Then select forget network. Turn Wi-Fi off and on again and that makes your connection refreshed.

If you are having the problem with disconnecting, go to settings > Wi-Fi > More, and make sure that keep Wi-Fi on during sleep is set to always. What AndroidPIT strongly recommend is giving your router a reboot as it has a considerable impact on your Wi-Fi problems.

  • Random freezes and shutdowns

This is also a very common problem you can get to any smart phone. Your device storage, currently running themes, applications also plays a part of this problem. Here what Samsung recommend is same as it is for other devices, a reboot can usually fix the hardware freezing, it clears cache, uninstall rogue apps.

If you still get screen freezing problem you can go for a factory resetting which will solve many software issues and make your device’s performance best to the requirement.

  • Won’t turn on

If you find your device has gone completely unresponsive it will not turn on when you press the power button. There are potential solutions you can try to avoid these condition.

You can hold down power and volume down together for around few seconds. The Note 5 should vibrate and reboot, or plug your Note 5 into your computer and see if it responds or not. Another solution is, try holding the power, volume up and home buttons together. Then you should see the Android mascot on screen, followed by the recovery menu. Try highlighting reboot system and press power to select it. If it still won’t answer, better you contact Samsung, your carrier or else the retailer.

  • The battery life

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 battery is at 3000 mAh which is smaller than the battery you find in Note 4 but advanced in its processors. Most of users are contented with Note 5 battery strength while few are facing battery issues. This is a very common issue most of the smart phone users face. In this case you can go to settings > Battery > Battery usage and see what are the programs that use more battery power. There you will notice screen and system are at the top. You can try by reducing the drain that your screen puts on your battery by changing and limiting your backlight. And also you take the advantage of the Note 5’s advanced power saving modes. There are two as power saving mode and ultra power saving mode. Also it is a good idea to uninstall or disable apps that you do not work very often. There you have to make sure it is safe to disable.

You could check out “Greenify”, it is designed to deal with problematic applications and reduce the impact on your battery. It will be helpful in preserving your device’s battery life. Addition to that there are plenty of tips to save smart phone battery, you can get more ideas by going through them and manage your battery life effectively.

These are very common issues you find in any smart device. Even though Galaxy Note 5 comes with advanced processors and system it also encounters some of these types of odd problems which disturb your functionality. However these problems do not appears to be serious issues if you try to fix them properly at beginning stages. As prevention is better than cure you can get aware of these conditions and possible issues even before you encounter with any of them on your Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

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