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Cheat Engine latest Apk for Android

The Cheat engine Latest Apk For Android is one of the advanced Hacking tool for Smart Devices where you can modify the Game data and gain unlimited coins, gold, gems, tokens etc. Before using Cheat Engine Latest Apk For Android ,be informed that playing with the Game data is little bit tricky and sometimes it’s risky. But nothing else to worry so much, the problems happen with the Cheat Engine Apk For Android is always fixable.

The Cheat engine Apk was basically built for windows OS to scan and modify memories to cheat on the Games. The Cheat Engine Apk is developed by Eric Heijnen. After all the successes with the Cheat Engine PC version, the Cheat Engine proceeded the apk version for the Android users to make out of it. Now the Cheat engine have come up with the latest Cheat Engine v 6.5.2, with all bug fixed on the previous versions.


Features of Cheat engine Latest Apk For Android

  • The Cheat Engine has the ability to connect on the Remote and Local processes via IP
  • The Cheat Engine Scan Types: the exact, bigger than, smaller than, between and unknown values
  • The Cheat Engine features a fast scan feature
  • The values can also be scanned in Hexadecimal form
  • The Cheat Engine as the ability to choose processes and Apps from drop down list
  • Cheat Engine can scan read only memories
  • Also the Cheat Engine features a Memory viewer

What is new with the Cheat Engine Update V 6.5.2?

  • Fixed the problems with scroll crash
  • Browsing memory from the address list works on the update


How to install and use Cheat Engine?

  • Download and install Cheat Engine as you install usual apps on the Android Device
    (At first allow Unknown Sources by going to Settings > Security > make sure the Unknown Source is ticked)
  • Open the Cheat Engine App
  • And now open the Game you want to Hack
  • Find out the Game process on the Cheat Engine list
  • Open the specific Process
  • Now search for the value. For example Gold = 10 000
  • Now buy something, so the gold value decreases. Ex – 1 000
  • And then in Cheat Engine you will see the value 10 000 becomes 1 000
  • Now add the path of the gold value to the list 4 at the list tab, , checklist the ACTIVE then change the value ex: 99999
  • Now in the specific Game you will notice the gold value have become 999 999

Thant’s all, the Hacking process is done.

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