Button Launcher App for Android Wear 2.0

What Is the Button Launcher App For Android Wear 2.o?

Simply lets you customize which apps to be launch on each type of button presses for your Android Wear

As these days almost all the Android Wear devices are functioned with touch screen for interaction, but still they have the physical buttons along with that. These little buttons are either programmed with some sort of functionalities to handle with some tasks by the OEM(Original Equipment Manufacturer), but if you are interested in setting up your own shortcuts, the Android Wear generally does not have an option to do it so. This is where the Button Launcher app comes into play, which is created by the XDA member moneytoo.

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The Button Launcher is a completely free app for the watches running on Android Wear 2.0. This app allows the users make chose of those apps which need to be launched on specific button press combination. Generally, this depends on, how much buttons does your watch is with. The app uses a some combinations of short presses and long presses of those buttons to launch apps. So, a watch with only a single button is very limited to just four of different shortcuts with it, and if the watch has two buttons then you have the possibilities to setup eight shortcuts. Below, here is an example of shortcuts for a watch with one button on it:

How To Use Button?

  • Long press home button + no other action
  • Long press home button + long press home button
  • Long press home button + short press secondary button
  • Long press home button + long press secondary button

How To Download Button Launcher For Android?

Download<<<<Button Launcher App For Android Wear 2.o
Developer: Marcel Dopita
Price: Free

At the present, there are no other app perform such kind of a useful action. The Wear Button Remapper is a paid app for the Watches to allow you to remap the long press home button. The Bubble Cloud Wear Launcher is also does the same job for free, and it add’s detection for the second long press which will get to you with a little payment.

Anyway, enjoy yourself with Button Launcher and it makes things greater than ever before with your Android wear.

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