Bridge Syncs Your Notifications Between Your Android Smartphones & Tablets

Pushbullet Service For Syns your Notifications Between Your Android Smartphones & Tablets

Synchronize information between Smart Device  and Smatrt device as well as Smart Device and PC is  most requested feature for Smart users.

Pushbullet, the service that works as a bridge between mobile operating systems and the desktop, the gold standard for developer updates. If you have not used it recently, this is a good time to review the great things you can do.

A long time ago, Google introduced the Chrome extension called Chrome to Phone that would allow you to send links from your desktop to your phone with a single click. It worked well Pushbullet, on the other hand, resumed where that extension remained, allowing users to push text, links, files, maps and more. Not only could you move from your desk to the phone, but you could also push the data in the opposite direction: from your phone to your computer. Or from one device to many others. Or even from your device to a friend! We will explain how to do all that (and much more), but first you will need the applications or the extensions. Here are the download links for several platforms:

Pushbullet also uses Chrome’s rich notification system to display notifications that have been duplicated from your device (more on this later). Firefox has a similar service notification feature, although it is a bit less robust (for example, Chrome allows you to discard notifications from your phone on your desktop, while Firefox does not).

From any of these applications or extensions, you can send something to any of the others. Here are the basic concepts that have existed in Pushbullet for a while:

Send links between devices: from your desktop, using the Chrome or Firefox extension, you can send a link to your phone or tablet with the click of a button. If you are on the page you need to send, Pushbullet will automatically complete the title and link, so you only have to lift the device and press push.

Copy files to other devices: Pushbullet can copy files from one device to another, including images, videos, music files, PDFs, APKs, and anything else that you can copy. While Dropbox is a pretty good solution for some file movements, it may be useful to send a file directly to a device without an intermediary.

Open an address in your map application: one of the coolest things about the fact that Chrome to Phone is abandoned is that it is on maps. If you are in Maps on the desktop, you can send a link from where you are. You can also send an address to open Maps with the address function. Both options open directly in the Maps application on Android. iOS requires you to open the address in the Pushbullet app first, but then it will jump to your map application.

Click here to send an email message to a friend or friend by simply changing the target device. Have you ever had to open a messenger or email application?

However, pushing links from one place to another is just the beginning. Pushbullet aims to be the glue that holds your devices together, filling gaps where typical synchronization software fails.

Bridge – mirror notifications: For Bridge Syncs Your Notifications Between Your Android Smartphones & Tablets

Synchronize information between Smart Device  and Smatrt device as well as Smart Device and PC is  most requested feature for Smart users. Usually, these requests. Here is the game path of the XDA Senior Member elmalote, which seamlessly synchronizes notifications on all Android devices and the application.

This is great for those who use a tablet at home and do not want to carry their phone just to receive an SMS message or social media notification. As long as another Android device is kept in your hands with the application installed (such as a tablet or other Android device), notification is recommended directly on the device.

Bridge Features:

  • Mirror your notifications to other Android devices
  • Reply, Like, Delete etc. directly from another device
  • Two-way sync – all your devices interact with each other
  • Whitelist – control which apps that can mirror notifications
  • Encryption – all data between devices can be encrypted
  • Battery charged notification – get notified when one of your devices is charged

In this article explained you two method to syn the your Notifications Between Your Android Smartphones & Tablets.We think that you have helped well them to make comfortable and peaceful life.

Download-Bridge – mirror notifications

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