Block & Find Your Stolen SmartPhone Via IMEI Number

Block & Find Your Stolen Smart Phone Via IMEI Number

Importance Of IMEI Number on your Smart Phone.

It is nature that our Smart Phone May be missed place or it can can be stolen by Robber. We Know that your Smart Phone includes your valuable data. Don’t worry, you have simple solution for that. Before finding your Smart Phone, you can block your Smart Phone through your Device’s IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identification) Number which it is unique 15 digits number. An IMEI is the unique serial number of every GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) Smart Phone. The IMEI number is used by networks to identify valid phones and block stolen or blacklisted phones from accessing the network. Generally you can’t change your Device’s IMEI number.Your device may have been repaired and now you are getting problems related to network. It may be because of not having a valid IMEI number. Generally, Changing IMEI number is not legal Activity but it may make a path  you to get your phone back. If you own a rooted Android device then we will provide you an easy trick to change your IMEI number.

Anyway Every Smart Phone Users should keep their IMEI can keep it on your dairy or you can write on your email. To get IMEI of your Smart Phone,you should dial *#06# on your mobile. Otherwise IMEI number has printed on the Smart Phone under the Battery. Finally if you have IMEI number of your Smart Phones when you can block your Smart Phone Easily and quickly. Anyway  it will be resulted to prevent your data.

Additionally,we will introduce two methods to protect your Smart phone easily and productively.There are,


How To prevent Your Smart Phone manually

  • First, you should complain to nearest Police Station about Lost Smart Phone.
  • Take a copy of Complained about Smart Phones.
  • Then you should forward that copy to your Smart Phones Provider.
  • After you have sent your request with Complained copy, then your Smart Phone provider will block your Smart Phone’s IMEI number.
  • At that time your Smart Phone Provider will share your IMEI number on Central Equipment Identity Register (CEIR). It means that even if the person who stole your mobile handset tries to make a call from your mobile set using any other Mobile Network Provider he will be unable to do so.
  • In this case, SmartPhone owner should  complaint about your lost mobile handset at a local Police Station nearby. Provide a copy of Police complaint to your Smart Phone Network provider, then  they can block IMEI number legally.

If you have fulfilled above steps when you can easily block stolen mobile using IMEI Number.


How To use Anti-Theft Apps For Your Smart Phone

  • To Automate your Smart Phone Preventive Method, you can download Anti-Theft App Such as IMEI Tracker App.
  • Then you should install,run Anti-theft App on your Smart Phone.
  • Next step is making settings of the Selected Anti-theft App.

You can use Anti Theft Alternative Apps for Android & iOS. Anti Thefts Apps are awesome prevention alternatives, but the most thorough recovery tool to find your lost or misplaced phone.Mission of Anti-Theft App is  reported  details  to your account. Then you can provide that evidence for the police to proceed to find lost Smart Phone. It doesn’t matter,you can use Anti-Theft Apps for any Platforms, you can manage every device using by a single account as well as on your account’s Web Panel.

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