Better way to remove duplicate contacts in Android

Better way to remove duplicate contacts in Android

The contacts may not seem like a big problem, but they can make life an inconvenience in any application. Previous number of someone or even sending a message to the wrong person. We are here to help you!

With all applications, you can easily access your contact list. There is not a magic wand that you can get rid of these duplicate entries from the address book, but it’s not very difficult.This documentation will explain you Better way to remove duplicate contacts in Android.

Many companies want to control the total number of contacts, synchronize the details of different services (including Google) and include the elimination of duplicates of the functions of the site. Take Merge +, in particular, is part of the service of more than one Contacts + for the administration of the address book. However, a warning: third-party applications require extensive to clean your contacts, including credentials of the Google account. Be careful with the application that you should not use all meetings, if you are a person with a privacy mentality.

From Contacts in Android

The first place to start is the Contacts app on Android. Obviously, this may vary in relation to the manufacturer of your choice with the contacts application, but also in the Android inventory. Alternatively, some versions allow this option through the edit icon and then the trash to delete.

You may have two contact entries for the same person (for example, with an email address and another with a mobile phone number, for example). To find and merge them, simply go to the contacts application, tap the menu button (usually three vertical lines or three points) and go to Suggestions. From there you can use the Clean duplicates option, which will allow you to merge individual contacts or merge all suggestions. If you have not seen the options Duplicate duplicates, you do not have any contacts that you need to link. Keep in mind that you will not be able to combine contacts saved in different Google accounts.

If you have preferred to merge contacts manually or it means that the system is not linking different contacts by mistake, we can do it thanks to your application.

Most versions of Android (Samsung Experience, EMUI, Sense, etc.) have a similar function in some other type of tool to detect and delete contacts. On a Samsung phone, for example, look for the link message next to Connected through the label on the contact pages to connect two contact cards. On HTC, on the other hand, you can simply touch More and then Manage contacts to access a variety of options.

From Gmail on the web

Sometimes it is better to manage your Google contacts from the web interface, where you have some more options to play. From Gmail, click the drop-down menu at the top left of the inbox, then choose Contacts from the list to see all the people in your virtual address book.

Google has implemented a new contact interface for the web, which it may not have yet, but the process is very similar. At the moment you access the new Contacts page, you will receive a notification at the top of the screen, which will tell you how many duplicate contacts you have. You can simply click on it and proceed to merge or delete duplicates.

If you do not see the notification, do not worry, the Duplicates option can also be found in the menu on the left side. Google searches for separate entries that share common details (such as names or mobile phone numbers).

When you see the results appear, you can click Merge to join a particular group of contact cards or Merge all to perform the procedure on all of them. Alternatively, you can select contacts manually from the main list using the check boxes, then combine or delete them using the icons at the top.

Using a dedicated app

There are a number of applications that will allow you to manage your contacts more easily in Android, so choose one, but one of the best we have found is called Simpler Merge Duplicates. Tool that Google provides within Gmail on the web.

All you need to do is start simpler Merge Duplicates and the application tracks your phone’s contacts and makes a list of possible matches (depending on the details and names). Then you have the option to review them and choose the ones you want to make before confirming.

Many people want to take full control of their contacts, synchronize the details of different services (including Google) and include the removal of duplicate data as a function. Take Merge +, for example, which is part of a larger Contacts + service to manage your address book.

However, one caveat: many information service applications. Be careful with the application that should be used in all meetings, if you are a person with a privacy mentality.

Download-Cleaner – Merge Duplicate Contacts

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