Best Way To Install Xposed On Android Nougat 7/7.1

Do you know how many opportunities you have missed without install the Xposed Framework on your a Rooted Android Device?

Xposed offers your lots of tweaks to install on your android device,customize your Android device the way you to get required features on your device you never had feel  before.

We can find so many unofficial version of Xposed for nougat Android and some users has already has tried their luckly.

Anyway,Good news,we explain you well how to use Xposed framework for Nougat OS Devices to make huge Android experience you have never feel before.


  • A Rooted Device
  • Make a backup of all the necessary files and data on your Android Device.
  • A custom recovery installed. Refer this post on how to install TWRP. 

Xposed Framework Installation For The Nougat Android Devices

1.You should find CPU Architecture of your Android device  as Xposed Framework installer brings in different installer files for different CPU Architecture.If you haven’t knowledge to find CPU when you can use this link to learn how to find CPU of your Android Device easily.

Anyway,i explain simply the way to find CPU easily as below,

Download Droid Hardware info<install<open App<Go to System Tab<CPU Architecture.

2.Now,you should download Xposed on your  a Rooted Android device,you should download 2 files as a installer zip file & other file is Xposed App file.Furthermore,they also includes uninstaller zip file which it help to uninstall the Xposed Framework on your Android device.don’t forget download correct version of the Xposed installer on your Android device.

3.To install Xposed Framework,first you should move to downloaded correct zip file to your Android Phone.Then you should reboot your Android device into recovery.After this step,you should go to install and choose your  zip file.Now,you can swipe to flash the zip file in order install Xposed.Then ,you should reboot again your Android Device.After you have rebooted your Android Device,you should nee to install the Xposed installer App.

All are enough.Now,you can begin using Xposed on your Android Device.Thanks.

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