Best Way To Identify Your Android Device’s DPI and CPU Architecture

However with awesome power likewise comes such an extraordinary obligation. For instance, knowing your device’s Architecture is a basic advance for introducing custom ROMs, as you have to download appropriate apps file for your device’s Architecture. Considerably more, applications are classifies in view of DPI and processor sort, so with a specific end goal to know which APK you ought to download, you should discover your device’s DPI and in addition CPU design/Architecture.

Yes of course, you should  clearly find your device’s DPI (320 dpi, 480 dpi, 640 dpi, etc.) and CPU architecture (arm, arm64, as well as x86) in order to get  the correct APK file for your Android Device and sideload it without encountering any sort of problem. How to avoid confusions at this chapter?

The most secure and simplest approach to introduce applications on an Android device is from Google Play store, as you don’t have to know your display DPI, device’s CPU  architecture, firmware version, and so etc. The Play Store consequently does all these for you. Be that as it may, in the event that you need to sideload an  APK manually from local websites, you have to know your device’s DPI and its CPU design, on the grounds that applications are accessible in various variations.

Aim of this documentation is explaining about how to find DPI architecture and CPU architecture easily,then you can use  that details to install correct Apps on your Android Device.

How to identify your phone’s DPI:

To Find DPI architecture,you should install Display Info App from Google Play Store.Display Info Tool can detect your DPI Architecture easily and correctly.

After installation has finished ,you should launch into App,then turn to   density field, when you can view device’s DPI Architecture.You can use this App as below,i have given all steps simply.

  1. First of all, download the app ‘Display Info’ from this Google Play Store
  2. Install it;
  3. Then, launch it;
  4. Now,under ‘Density’ field, you can see your device’s DPI.Then you can Use this DPI to find correct APK for your Android phone.

How to identify your phone’s CPU architecture:

To Find CPU architecture,you should install Droid Info App from Google Play Store which it is hardware tool for Android. Droid Info Tool can detect your CPU Architecture easily and correctly.Furthermore,Dorid Info App can find so many details as CPU architecture,Number of Cores,Clock Speed and etc.After installation has finished ,you should launch into App,then tap  on system tab and processor,you can view device’s CPU Architecture.You can use this App as below,i have given all steps simply.

  1. Take the ‘Droid Info’ app from Google Play Store
  2. Then, you can launch the app;
  3. Now, tap on ‘System’ tab;
  4. Under Processor you can view your device’s CPU architecture.

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