Best Top Android Tips To Make Your Android Device(Phone & Tab) More Useful

 Extend Battery life

This is one of the major needed thing among the smartphone users. Especially for Android. There are little steps to extend the battery life of your Android phone.

  • Turn off Bluetooth, GPS, data connection and sync when not needed. These are the main things which destroys your battery within hours.
  • Go to settings -> Battery and see which Apps mostly sucks the battery and force stop those Apps which don’t mean to you.
  • Also you can check for background running Apps and close them too
  • For more efficient battery life, you can low your Display brightness and turn off the Keyboard sound and vibration as well.
  • Also you can increase your battery life by installing Battery Savers too. LINK


Plug in Keyboard or Mouse

You can connect a mouse or Keyboard in to your Android Device. This will help you more with handling your Android Device. To connect a Keyboard or Mouse into your Android phone, simply get an OTG cable which converts your micro USB port into USB port and plug the Keyboard or the Mouse in to the cellphone via the OTG cable. The phone will automatically recognize.

Also you can connect Bluetooth Mouse and Keyboard.

  • Turn on the Mouse / Keyboard
  • Turn on Bluetooth on your Android device
  • now scene for new devices, it will detect the Mouse / Keyboard
  • connect it to your Android Device
  • done


Multitask better by loading links in the background

Flynx, this is one of the best background App. You can open links from any Apps and a small icon of Flynx will pop up on the screen and load the links in background with a loading Animation. Once it is loaded while using the App, anytime you can view the link by tapping on the icon. The best part of the Flynx is you can load many links without interrupting your progress and you can also save links by double tapping on it to view later.

  • Download and install Flynx in to your Android Device from the Google Play Store.
  • After the Flinx App once installed into your Andoid device, now when you click a link somewhere like the social media or something, it will ask to choose an App.
  • Select Flinx and click always allow
  • Now whenever you click a link the Flynx will pop a bobble icon on the screen and the link will load in background without interrupting your progress.
  • When you want to read you can click the bobble icon and view the links.
  • You can also save links on Flynx to read later

Set up Automatic Phone unlock at certain Locations

Smart lock is a Feature which is built from the Android 5.0 (Lollipop). What this feature does is, it removes your Android Device passcode in such locations that you have marked safe.

You can enable it by going to Settings > Security > Smart Lock > Trusted Places and add the locations there.

 Make your Friends and relations access your wi-Fi without password
Generate a QR code for your Wi-Fi by using the link I have given. As you open the link, it will require the Wi-Fi name, password and network type to create the QR code. Now you can print this QR code and attach it somewhere at your home for usage. When your friends scan the QR Code with the QR Code Reader, they will automatically connect in to the WI-Fi.

Zoom in on anything

You can enable this option by going to Settings > Magnification Gestures and switch it on. After enabling the gesture, when you are using something you can just triple tap to get the Magnifier anytime. Also use two fingers to drag the Magnifier. Once again when you triple tap on the screen the magnifier will disappear.

Reduce screen Blue Light emission and get to a better sleep cycle

Twilight is an App that you can download from Google Play Store. This App offs the Blue lights on the screen and it helps your brain produce Melatonin. So you will feel sleepy at the night.

Find your Phone after it is been LOST

This is one of the most useful Android trick you will find in this blog. Prey is the App you can download from Play Store. This App keeps you track from the lost device’s location via GPS and Wi-Fi. It also as the access to the front camera, so you can get the picture of the handler.

Also you use Android Device Manager too, on this purpose.


Block people whom you don’t want to get disturbed by

In the contacts find the person you want to block and press edit. In there you as the option to block the person from bothering you. Also you can block contacts by going to call block settings in the settings and add the contacts to the list whom you want to block.

The one finger swipe and two finger swipe for Notification bar

This feature is built with Stock Android OS. You can swipe down the notification bar with two fingers for more settings option to be appear on the Notification bar. For Custom ROM, this feature is available on the Play Store.

When you swipe down the notification bar with two fingers, the notification bar comes down with more setting, rather than the usual notification bar. This might make you more fast with the settings.

Root your Android phone right now

To root or not to root? It’s a question that most people don’t ever ask themselves, because Android devices are powerful and customization from the get-go, and rooting can be risky but it can gain you so many good opputunities than Stock OS.

  • Automate everything
  • Latest Updates, here I come!
  • Faster than the speed of…your CPU
  • Better battery life
  • Bye-bye, bloatware
  • Really, really back up your stuff
  • Customize all the things!
  • Store apps wherever the hell you want to

To further details ,you can study about the article of the top best reasons to root your android device

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