Best Root Apps 2015

Best Root Apps 2015

What is “Rooting”?

In almost all operating system, there are number of features are disabled by the official developers in order to several reasons. “Rooting” is the process which could remove the limitations and offer full access to tons of benefits. Once your device is rooted, you can get the more control over it. It makes a significant change in many settings, features and at the same time enhances the performance of the device. The word itself gives the meaning to this process. Basically “rooting” gives user the access to the root of the operating system.

Best root apps 2015


  • Allows you the control over the device.
  • Ability to run special applications.
  • Freeing up system memory and get enough space for additional, compulsorily files and apps.
  • Custom ROMs have the access on your rooteddevice and it will bring you the change you expect from your device.


  • Once you rooted your device, you do not get back the service or warranty work for your device, it immediately voids your phone’s warranty.
  • Care less rooting puts you in the risk of bricking your device, simply making it dead.

The decision you take to root your device is absolutely wise, but you always have to remember to follow with the best rooting app with latest updates which will exactly helpful in your thirst of rooting.

Below we have brought few best root apps 2015 for your requirement and knowledge.

GreenifyGreenify-Best root apps

Simplest and easiest way of solving your rooting problems. It is one of the most popular rooting apps in Best root apps 2015.

  • Effective and simple.
  • Improved battery life.
  • Extensive option to hibernates the apps and allow other remaining apps to function normally.
  • Boost mode.
  • Allows most of the system apps to be greenified in Greenify.
  • Wake-up-tracker.
  • Allows GCM push messages to wake hibernated apps.(requires exposed)
  • Keep notifications after hibernation.
  • Block app state abuse.

Titanium BackupTitanium backup

Quite beneficial for those who likes in flashing the devices very often. It provides with many backing up options.

  • Takes the backup of ROM and data.
  • You could freeze the apps and try in converting them into much more.
  • 0-click batch restores.
  • Backup/restore SMS, MMS, Calls, Bookmarks, Wi-Fi AP as XML.
  • Apps freezer.
  • Convert user apps in to system apps and system apps into user apps.
  • Sync to/from Dropbox, Box, and Google drive.
  • Create your own zip containing apps and data.
  • Dalvik cache cleaner.
  • Restore individual apps and data from non-rooted ADB backups, CWM backups and TWRP backups.

Rom Manager

Rom Manager

One of the best root apps 2015 we come across. This works well on the latest versions of Android operating systems in Smart devices.

  • Can easily get the tool downloaded.
  • Flash your recovery to the latest and greatest ClockWorkMod recovery.
  • Install ROMs.
  • Manage your ROMs through UI effectively.
  • With the help of this best root tool, you can install your most favorite ROMs on your device.

Trickster ModeTrickster Mod

The extensive support and the interactive interface are inferior to none.

  • CPU statistics.
  • Apply Grace period (was Bootloop Preventer)
  • CPU frequency profile.
  • Improved battery life.
  • Sound controlling.
  • Generic hotplug.
  • Bootloader lock/unlock with no fast boot and data wipe Kernel backup/restore on some supported devices.
  • Vibrator strength.
  • Improved performance.

Smart BoosterSmart Booster

If you feel your device is not to its potent especially when playing games or you feel the phone should be restarted because of heavy usage, this will bring you the solution clearing unwanted RAM and makes it to the optimum usage.

  • Fast cache cleaner.
  • Single click to clean the cache.
  • Quick SD card Cleaner.
  • Advanced Application manager.
  • Provide easy backups and uninstall unnecessary apps.
  • Shows SD card Partition.

Link 2 SD


Useful for those who have Android devices which can easily support with a small and internal storage capacity.

  • Easily moves given data of the app which has been installed in the second partition of the memory card.
  • Link external data, obb folders of apps and games to SD card.
  • Link apk, dex and lib files of apps to SD card.
  • Link internal data of applications with SD card.
  • And many more…

Root Firewall ProRoot firewall pro

One of the interesting and best root apps in 2015 with inspiring features added. You have access to block the apps from going online as an additional option.

  • Test blocked app in a single touch.
  • Block internet access for any app.
  • Separate 3G and Wi-Fi data.
  • One-click widget enabled.

Solid ExplorerSolid-Explorer

This is also another Root app comes in the highest rankings of the category. It has interesting aspects and known as one of the most trusted tools.

  • Root access makes Solid Explorer fully functional.
  • FTP client with support for secure connections.
  • Two independent panels work as file browsers.
  • Drag and Drop inside and between panels.
  • Provide detailed file information with storage usage statistics.

Addition to above mentioned best root apps 2015, below I have picked some more for your knowledge.

  • Root App deleter.
  • Device control.
  • Folder Mount.
  • Kostenlose W-Fi code rettung.
  • Disk Digger Undelete.
  • App Ops.
  • GLTools(GFX Optimizer).
  • Build Prop Editor.
  • Quick Boot (Reboot).
  • SDFix (Reboot)
  • ROM Toolbox Pro.
  • Set DNS.
  • SD Maid.
  • Data Sync.
  • GMD Gesture Control.
  • Drive Droid.
  • 3C Toolbox.
  • Root browser.
  • Kingo super user.
  • Pry-Fi.
  • Speed up Swap.
  • ZD box.
  • X privacy installer.

And so much more.

Above given are the best picks of most popular Root Apps in 2015 which put users in a massive range of choice. Through rooting you receive with many benefits on your device and the improved apps comes with the changes give us even more chances of experiencing the best Smart features comes with each device in different structures and models. Feedback will appreciate!

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