There are awesome reasons to root your Android Device, whether you own a Galaxy S7 or Google Pixel or  LG G3 or Note 3, but most  of them may not be so awesome to you when  you decide whether  taking or not taking the next step is for you. Absolutely, you can remove carrier and manufacturer bloatware and  can keep full system backups and…well, what else gain you with root  exactly? Well, we bring you 10 Awesome best reasons to root your phone  but always, we must remind you that rooting gain your phone  some risks, so be sure you  should know everything  about rooting too before you proceed anything.Anyway understand well,If your phone has rooted when you can read system files and edit them.

1.A whole new world of apps

The revelation of the awesome best devices such as Android Devices and Apple device began since Everything 2008 as accelerating manner. Now we can’t think  sometimes how develops this technology day by day. It is nature of the human they need modern features as well as best awesome options than previous who they started with simple devices which it can use to take calls or messaging only. But later they were tried to apply so many features than previous simple features. Then, along came Google and apple introduced to modern world play store and apps store respectively. Now we welcomed to new era which it is really magical and wonderful. It is  like everything on our hand.

It is nature of the human being who They start with simple phones which it can take only calls or send messages. But later they were tried to apply so many features than take calls or send messages. Then, along came Google and Apple, and introduced to Modern world the Play Stores as well as  App Stores respectively .Now we  are welcomed  to the  wonderful world of apps into your lives. Anyway it is nature of the technological revolution. In past years, lifestyles are changed rapidly because this developments.

We can’t live without so many Apps because why we are customized our lot of work with Apps. If you need to channel the Doctor to take medicine to your child when you are taken calls to the channel centre or Hospital first. Otherwise you can use e-channeling to booking your Family doctor furthermore. It is the current situation of the modern world. Everything has automated so how do you think without so many apps?

Apps have provided us to do so much

  • Sending and receiving emails
  • Hold video conferences
  • Create and edit spreadsheets or presentations
  • Stream and watch shows
  • Keep a track of your health
  • Shoot and edit pictures and videos
  • Keep tabs on your bank accounts
  • And basically do so many things

This moment so many people’s genuinely believe that the computer was become obsolete why we can be done everything  using by phones than a computers or tablets. It is perfectly correct, it’s clear that apps are here to stay, and to make our lives easier and so much better. If you have rooted Android device when you can add any apps as your wish to achieve your requirements.

People are constantly looking to try and experience something new in their innovation. And currently has more opportunities to discover something easily, there are open source activities can seen everywhere. Think only about the android which it is now open source. You can add any changes as your wish. It is only required to your confidence and ability.

2.Never ever problem with Battery

How could extend your battery life which it is depended of manufacturer default settings basically as well as depended usages of the device.Otherwise you normally use who  manufacturer is  configured Android device.They do not hope about the battery saving mainly.They need high sales, so manufacturer always optimized their devices to balance between performance and stability with your battery boost.They has setup their stock kernel default to optimize your android phone .Otherwise it is differed options to options as well as features to features.It means that usages of power from battery or drain power from battery is varies option to options as well as drain high energy further more  with their optimized stock kernel configuration.How will this condition change you?.You can flash your custom kernel which it bridge hardware and O/S.After Flashed your custom kernel you can the manufacturer configuration as your wish to increase battery life.

Android Device s bring you as different flavors as well as different can notice immediate difference in speed,smoothness and battery life on your device using via the custom kernel default settings easily.

Another way to increase the batter life is don’t do under-clocking & under-volting which they can extend your battery life.

You can reduce your screen resolution which it will help you to expand your battery life easily.

Android 6.0 introduced doze which feature can shutdown automatically your background apps and services when your phone is not in use.Rooted android is supported to this features furthermore.

Any Android Devices work with so many Apps,Bloatware with stock O/S.If you can use other Custom Rom when you can achieve easily for expanded battery life.your rooted phone can flash with decided custom ROM and you can remove/delete/uninstall unwanted apps and bloatware easily.It will be increased your battery life productively.

Different factors can governance your battery life differently.I discussed about the some varies mythologies to increase the battery life only for the rooted phones.

Otherwise,Don’t charge your battery as incompletely which it is made always charging memories.If you have charged partially then next time your phone battery will not be  charged to full amount so it has past memories. the keeping of past memories is the nature of the battery.

3.Rooting Your Android Device to Improve Speed and Performance

if you’ve already gained complete access to your Android device when you can make  almost everything you want with it is including  up its speed and pushing it  maximum limits. you can find so many  software programs t such as can only be used on rooted devices. Some popular examples are Optimus Root Memory Optimizer andAppolicious. Using  these programs, then you can turn to optimize the memory of your Android device, and you can expect its performance to improve.

Additonally it comes to endurance of your device as your wish , then you  download SetCPU for root Android users to tweak your device’s processor clock speed which something that can speed up your device when  consume up more power or slow down the clock then  use  less power.

4.Customize never before as your wish

Android Devices are acclaimed for their capacity to change launcher, symbol packs, live backdrops, ringtones, console sounds and a great deal more. Be that as it may, this customization is typically constrained to shallow stylish changes. With root consents you can adjust the framework records to your preferring, including framework sounds and in addition the boot liveliness, which is the thing that you see when you begin your Android Device up. Otherwise you can customize  your rooted as your means that you can install flexible awesome custom ROM and can use so many Apps to prevent so many difficulties such as AdBlock Apps,Battery Saver Apps….etc.You can use so many Softawares to root your android device easly.There are Kingoroot,Kingroot,Framaroot,IRoot,TunesGo,Towelroot…etc.After rooting you can flash your custom kernal and Can install flexible Custom Rom as your  needs.Then you can control hardware how fast processor run as well as you can rid useless bloatawares from your android phones.Furthermore You can use so many specific  Apps to make better customization of your Android Phone.There are some best Apps as given below,

  • Flashify
  • Nova Launcher
  • Icon packs
  •  Zedge
  • Ringdroid
  • demfamblr
  • Xposed Framework ….etc

5.Flash custom ROMs

This is the number one reason why the majority of Android users decide to get root permissions. In addition to radically (or subtly) customizing a smartphone, the major custom ROMs we like the most tend to outdo the stock ROM in terms of functionality, performance and fluidity; an example is OmniROM, who are working on a ROM for fully integrated voice commands, allowing you to control every function of your smartphone via voice commands. Another important feature is the ability to upgrade our old and manufacturer-abandoned smartphone with the latest versions of Android. Here’s our list of the most important custom ROM and root terms explained

6.Perform full backups

Every Android device has the ability to make a backup of applications and certain data, within the settings menu or through the use of management software like Samsung. Even if you decide to use these options together with various cloud services, nothing can ultimately compete with the features offered by root permission backups. For example, it is only with root that you can use the legendary app Titanium Backup, with which you can make copies of the entire system image of your device and move it to your SD card or computer. You also have the the ability to automate the process at regular intervals.

7.Access features from other phones

One of the best features (or worst, from the point of view of programmers) of Android devices is the incredible variety of phones and tablets that use it, not to mention the individual manufacturer changes to the Android system. This allows us to always have a different device than everyone else, but it also means not always being able to enjoy the unique features reserved for a group of top of the range smartphones. As you’re probably starting to realize, root permissions also allow us to do this. In forums likeXDA Developers there is a wealth of flashable zips available for all sorts of features, scripts and functions. In addition, we can enable limited functions from specific manufacturers, such as installing LG’s Knock On feature on non-LG devices, or using features such as tethering to share and connect phones via USB, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

8.Become the master of your universe

This is actually one of the most convincing reasons to root your phone. You bought it, so it’s yours and you don’t want to be told what you can or cannot do with your own property. Android, by its very nature, is a free system born from the idea of creating an ecosystem of independent software and hardware that is open to everyone (we’ve written briefly about the history of Android). Getting root permission, in addition to the benefits listed above and many more that I could mention, will make you the ”real” owner of your smartphone, giving you complete control, albeit with some risks, of customizing basically anything you want to, exactly how you want it. And this is perhaps the best part of rooting your Android.

9.Automate Your Android Device

The Techniques of making an apparatus , a process and a system operation  automatically is  known as Automation.We can find so many Apps which they help us to automate productively as well as efficiently  of android device easily.Automation will be gained you so many awesome android experiences  which it make comfortable and user friendly Android Device than stock configurations.Furthermore it will be make cost worthy and high productively  android life better.

Do you know about the Automated help Apps ?Most Apps are helped us to automation for our specific work  with our  android device so far which there are given below as

  • Tasker
  • Workflow-Work &productivity
  • IFTTT-Home Life,Health & Hobbies
  • MonkeyRunner-Automation Framework
  • GreatDrip-Email Tool
  • Robotium -Android Testing Tool
  • Others…etc

10.Block Advertisement

Most Greatest,awesome Apps are given us with free of charges which these are not complicated tools as well as help them us to block effectively advertisement so far and if you need block so specific advertisements when you can use these tools most productively within big android experiences.

There are FDroid,Adblock browser,Ad-RmoverLite,TunesGo Ad Detector,AppBrain Ad Detector,Ad-Vanish Pro……etc.


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