Best Messaging App| YAATA SMS/MMS

Best Messaging App| YAATA SMS/MMS

May be your stock messaging app that came on your device is not up to the satisfactory level you expect even though it is pretty capable.  Luckily Android users can easily replace those with other optional messaging apps with rich features. Yaata SMS/MMS is one of Best Messaging App. If you have been with Yaata you will experience its super responsiveness.

It comes with full list of settings, options for your SMS and MMS. There are so many features included to make it one of the perfect texts messaging application for both power user and regular users. It offers fairly a bit of added functionality than other your standard messaging app. For more it can be called an app that has all of the features to fulfill our texting needs.Best Messaging App YAATA SMS MMS

YAATA SMS/MMS, Why called Best Messaging App?

Yaata SMS/MMS Best Messaging App is a simple app created for people who are looking for a nice texting experience. Even with tons of thrilling features, this app has offers size fewer than 4 MB space. Yaata is a very powerful application which is highly user friendly even to the basic beginner user. With Yaata you can personalize and customize your app to a large extent. With this app you can send SMS and multimedia messages such as videos, pictures, audio messages, Vcards etc. in different ways. You have the power to cancel the sending SMS with Yaata and there is a feature of send delay of extra 2 or 3 seconds as a support to that. For more you can convert SMS to MMS as well.

Some Exciting Features of Yaata SMS/MMS app

  • You can personalize and customize your app to a large level
  • Super responsiveness
  • Can send SMS and MMS with complete multimedia support
  • Customization for individual contacts
  • A lot of themes
  • Super fast operating speed
  • Send delay option included
  • Can convert SMS to MMS
  • Advanced settings
  • Advanced notifications
  • Filter options
  • Alternating backgrounds
  • Group chats
  • Supports latest Android versions

As I mentioned above Yaata Best Messaging App is not just a messaging app, it comes with many advanced features. For an example its customization options, it can give you an amazing look and feel. You can get many themes with Yaata and you can create your own as well. For more notifications, ringing tones, custom vibrations, quick reply styles, color options for bubbles, contact avatar, action bar and also for text.

You can also change the size of the text for specific conversations. Not only that, there are many amazing features you can experience with SMS/MMS. It is not like your stock messaging app. Yaata is created to give even more. With Yaata you can have group chats as well. Addition to that send delay, scheduled messages, archiving, blacklisting, backup and restore settings are some of the inspiring options with Yaata messaging.

Unlike other similar apps for Android, Yaata comes with high customization level. That is one of the main reasons why Yaata is popular. Messaging is one of the best and easiest ways to communicate. Yaata brings it a better meaning by adding many more functionality. Altogether you will surely love this app as it makes you more comfortable with your task. So give it a try and experience much more for yourself with this Yaata SMS/MMS Best Messaging App.

Download Yaata SMS/MMS Best messaging App from Play Store.

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