Best kids’ apps 2016 | 10 best free and cheap apps for kids

Best kids’ apps for 2016, here are some great free and low cost apps for children of all ages. Most popular, fun, entertaining and educational apps for your child. Best apps for school kids, nursery and preschool kids and teens. This collection include 10 apps for kids and teen that are really worth installing. This is just simple and very easy. You will be guided to choose best kids’ and teen apps. Most of these apps are free and the others are low cost.

Best kids' apps 2016To entertain children in these days is not a simple thing. You may not have permission to let your kids get bored, if so, you will need to make a big effort to entertain your child. If you can easily entertain your child, you will be able to focus even harder on your favorite TV show. But the hardest thing to fulfill your child’s entertainments and education while simply allocating time to do other stuffs of your routine. For this your smart devices will assist you directly. There are many new smart devices and tablets specially designed for kids and there are many kids’ educational apps and games too.

Further there are some online video streaming services specially built for children.

You will see an uncountable number of kids’ android apps on the play store and thousands of iOS kids’ apps online, but not each and every apps are similar. Some of these will take care of your baby via entertaining for a short time and the others will direct you to make costly in-app purchases to unlock new features on the apps. There are some apps that contain inappropriate contents for kids. So, you have to be very careful when selecting smart apps for your child.

We have been spending so many hours to find famous and very popular apps and we would like to let you know “what are the best apps that you should let your children to play?” If you know about new good apps than these apps, we invite you to comment them below to aware the others who are interested about and we would like to know “what is your child’s best app?”Please comment below.

Best kids’ apps 2016: Best apps recommended by readers.

You will find hundreds and thousands of kids’ apps. But you will realize what will be the best app for your kid after reading this description.

Best kids’ apps 1: Animals for Kids Forest

This app was recommended for us by a regular reader of our posts. Really “Animals for Kids” can be explained as a funny and educative app for your kids. While playing, you may need to clean animal’s surrounding by removing the dumped items and you will be able to see how funny the animal react you back.

Best kids’ apps 2: Alphabet Flashcards

This app will assist your child to learn the English alphabet using flash cards. There are many colorful flash cards indicating each letter and a variety of sound effects that attracts your child. Your kid will really love to learn the alphabet from “Alphabet Flashcards”.

Best kids’ apps 3: Math Farm

Math Legends have developed this amazing kids’ app as a first step for learning mathematics to your child. Learning methods of Math Farm are really creative and these lessons are based on the nice and colorful stories.

Best kids’ apps 4: Zoo Alphabet for Kids

Hello kids, let’s learn the alphabet while playing. This app was developed by Mobit. This bit development team and it can be downloaded free of charge from play store. This app is very important for toddlers and preschoolers to learn the Basic English alphabet.

Best kids’ apps 5: aMath Numbers Eng

This educational math learning kids’ app is based on the Tetris principle. This game is dubbed by a professional actor in English. “aMath Numbers Eng” is an essential app for children between 4-5 years to improve their mathematics knowledge while listening to English conversations. This is a free app to download on Play Store.

Best kids’ apps 6: What’s The Sound?

“What’s the sound?” is a cute and attractive app that will really assist toddlers to identify the animals and more with their sounds. This app was developed by NeMtoddlearn and it is free to download on google Play Store.

Best kids’ apps 7: Colouring Pages

This app is a nice effort to let your child to show their creative talents. Your child will be able to color the pages of the virtual color book on your smart device. There is no need to redecorate the drawing for your kid. Colouring Pages is free to download on Play Store.

Best kids’ apps 8: A Parcel of Courage

MariyaStavinskaya’s family friendly book is the “A Parcel of Courage”. This creative reading adventure is fully loaded with many educational activities. This app consists of four main aspects called spatial cognition, enhancing logic, photographic memory and more things. Let your child to try this creative and adventurous game.

Best kids’ apps 9: Cartoon Puzzle

LapsoBOX has developed this amazing game for kids above five years. Cartoon Puzzle is based on creative jumping puzzles. This game will help to develop your child’s brain and improve creativity. This free to download from google Play Store.

Best kids’ apps 10: Baby Sign and Sing Lite

Would you like to pre-speech sing and sign with your small baby? Here’s the most ideal app for you. Baby Sign and Sing will assist your baby to sing and sign using animated characters. This will be really funny for the both parents and the child and this app will be very beneficial for the development of your kid.

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