Best free android apps download for mobile

Best free android apps download for mobile 

What is an Android app?

An Android app is a software application developed and running on the Android platform. It is built focusing mobile devices and designed for a smart phone or a tablet PC running on the Android operating system. These apps are written in Java programming language. There are different free apps as well as priced apps; most of them are available on the Android market, which also call an online store. Specially dedicated to Android users for their satisfaction. So what are the best free android apps?
These apps are really helpful for user to save money, time and effort. They expose you to the world where you can find almost everything you need with few clicks or in few steps. It is very important for development and customization. Android app security also stands in a high success place when compared to other apps related to different operating systems. No mobile platform can give 100% perfect security but Android comes with number of compelling advantages that makes apps inherently safer. You can download best free android apps with better safety.

Below are few best picks among thousands of free Android apps

1. WhatsApp Messenger

Whats app

  • whatsApp Messenger is a free communication app supported for Android devices. It is developed by WhatsApp Inc.
  • This allows you to exchange messages, calls, multimedia files like photos, voice messages, videos absolutely free without any international charges.
  • It utilizes your 3G or WiFi network to link with other WhatsApp users.
  • Get connected with multiple users in real time through Group chat function.
  • You are always connected and no need to log-in or out in multiple times and no need of remembering pins or usernames as you are always connected.
  • The app automatically adds your contacts on your phone to your WhatsApp list with so much more features.
  • Timely it gets updated and gives you the best chatting experience.[/pullquote]

2. Opera Mini Web Browser

Opera mini

  • Free internet browser for Android phones.
  • It consists of all basic functions for browsing.
  • Opera Mini allows user to manage and synchronize bookmarks and favorites between mobile and desktop.
  • It features speed dial.
  • Modern improved appearance.
  • Access to pinch and zoom web pages.

3. Skype – free IM and Video Calls


  • Skype has developed by Skype Inc.
  • This App lets you enjoy the full experience of free video calls and voice calls, even you are staying distance Skype lets you connect easily and enjoy every moment freely with your loved ones.
  • By using an internet connection, you can enjoy the Skype telephony service.

4. Facebook


  • Facebook is the most leading social network site with more than 500 million active users.
  • Facebook for Android makes everything easier to stay connected and share information from friends, update and check the news feed, change your photos, share what you feel and so much more.
  • You can exchange your messages, files, videos through facebook easily and stay connected all the time.
  • Facebook lite require low system requirements.

5. Twitter


  • This downloadable best free Android apps helps user to access and interact with their social networking friends and loved ones through their Android smart device.
  • App users can tweet and check others tweets.
  • Moreover it helps you to find tweet location in Google Maps and share links, photos, videos from any application in their device.

6. Tango Messenger


  • This is easy to use and it is totally free.
  • It only requires 3G, 4G or WiFi connection in order to connect with your friends.
  • It provides you free calls, video calls, unlimited chats just like WhatsApp Messenger.
  • You can safely send and receive your files through Tango.
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