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Always, the older consoles are the most important and memorable part of the life, as the childhood is always sweet. Starting from SNES to PlayStation, there were a whole lot of amazing, iconic games in the past. Some of the old ones are still good and amazing by today’s standards, some of those games even has mobile releases for these days such like the older Final Fantasy games.

Anyway, many of them still only exist on those own, older consoles. There are no other ways to play them. But, with the help of  Android emulators, you can enjoy playing those originals whenever and wherever you want on your tiny Android device.

So, let’s check out some of the best emulators for the Android devices. Always remember that the emulators are finicky by nature and sometimes it will work flawlessly and other times will not.

With that information, let’s get with a list of best emulators for Android….

PPSSPP Android Emulator

With no question, the PPSSPP is the best among the PSP emulator on the market. This is the emulator features with the best stability, best ROM support, and best features of any of the other PSP emulators. Also, the emulator is packed with the usual range of emulator features with it. This one is still on build progress and some of the games may not play at full speed, even on the fastest, latest devices. Anyway, this one is extremely good enough for most of the things. Also, you can definitely try it for free before making the payment for the pro version.

Price: Free / $4.49


Reicast Android Emulator

Reicast is the only functional Dreamcast emulator available on the Google Play Store I guess. Reicast is a bit complicated to set up on the device. For instance, you might have to format your SD cards before you save anything on it. The best part is, most of the instructions and guides are available in the Google Play description. With this one, the games are played well, but still not always perfect. But, the emulator is completely free to use for the moment.

Price: Free


ClassicBoy Android Emulator

ClassicBoy is one of the strongest Android emulator available on the market on the present. The ClassicBoy Android emulator is supported with multiple consoles such as PlayStation, N64, Game Boy Advanced, Game Boy Classic and Color and some other also. Most of the consoles are working pretty well with it. This Android emulator also supports save states, load states, hardware controller support and gesture support. This android Emulator free version is not included  some features and the pro Android Emulator is packed with all goods stunning features.

Price: Free / $3.99


DraStic DS Android  Emulator

DraStic DS  Android Emulator is the best App among the Nintendo DS emulators. The DraStic DS Android Emulator features the basic emulator stuff like saving and loading states along with virtual controls and all. This Android emulator also comes packed with the ability to customize the top and bottom of the DS screen.DraStic DS Android  Emulator  also provides support for physical keyboards. With all that, the best part of this  Android emulator is the stability it provides. Most of the game ROMs are well performed with very few lagging. Also the price has come down with time as well. There is no free version of the DraStic DS emulator to get a little test. Make sure to completely test the app during the refund period.

Price: $4.99


ePSXe Android Emulator

ePSXe is one of two well-known PlayStation emulators. This little app focus more with making it simple. Most of the time the ePSXe just works by simply loading your ROM and immediately you are ready to go. It also featured with very good virtual keyboard customization, hardware controller support and the basic things such like save and load states. For those who people who don’t want to tinker their settings, this should definitely be the best one. It’s just $3.75 with no more in-app purchases and all, but there is no free version look for a demo on the App.

Price: $3.75


FPse Android Emulator

The FPse is the second of the two popular PlayStation emulators on sale. This one ultimately focuses on the customizations. There are whole lot of settings, plug-ins and many other stuff. Another thing special with FPse is, it makes the graphics look better as it provides settings such like adjust the framerates and improve various other things. With all that the emulator does contain all the usual stuff as well, including the hardware controller support. This is one of the best option for you if you like to tinker with stuff. As like ePSXe, this one is relatively cheap with no more in-app purchases. Anyway, there is also no free version to get a demo, so make sure test it out within the refund period.

Price: $3.63


Frodo 64 Android Emulator

Frodo 64 is one of only a few great Commodore 64 emulators. This always seems to work well. Anyway, the emulator takes a bit of tinkering to get the job done correct. The emulator is fully open source. Also, it is a port of the PC version either. We couldn’t stress enough as you are going to have a bad time on the beginning. Keep at it, because for sure it is an excellent Commodore 64 emulator at the moment you you figure out the method how it works.

Price: Free


John  Android emulators

The John emulators is a developer on Google Play Store. He does really some of the good emulators on the store. These emulators include apps for SNES, NES, Game Boy Advance, and Game Boy Color. Each of them are considered as the best consoles among the categories. These emulators are ultimately strong with good ROM support, filled with all the basic features, and some other extra fun stuff such like cheat codes and fast forward mode. All these emulators have the free versions with the feature packed pro version that can simply be afforded for $2.99 each.

Price: Free / $2.99 each


MegaN64 Android emulator

MegaN64 is one of the cool and more stable N64 emulators. This one uses the open source code from Mupen64. The Mupen64 is basically the only available open source N64 emulator, the experience with it does not get much better than it for sure. MegaN64 takes the basics and adds some of the optimization for performance and for certain devices. I recommend you Mupen64 over this one if it doesn’t work on your device. Then make sure you should try this one instead. It is free, but it also has ads on it. We love to have a pro version without ads and even with some features.

Price: Free


Mupen64 Android Emulator

Mupen64 is the N64 emulator from where all the other N64 emulators come from. When this emulator gets more stable, all the others do the same as well. It features with all the basic stuff, such like save states and load states. Mupen64 also has the cursory support for hardware controllers. This one needs to be improved some more, but many of the ROMs play extremely good. This tiny emulator is totally free to download and use. The pro version is an optional purchase only to support the developer.

Price: Free / $0.99


MyBoy and My OldBoy Android Emulator

MyBoy and My OldBoy are two emulators respectively for Game Boy Advance and Game Boy. They are extremely best among their respective categories filed with a whole lot of features. It includes such features like save/load states, fast forward mode, cheat codes, syncing save files with Google Drive, etc. These apps also do a really good job at emulating the games. The free versions of the apps come with some features kicked out and the paid versions have all the excellent features in them.

Price: Free / $3.99-$4.99


Nostalgia  Android emulators

Nostalgia emulators is also a developer on Google Play Store. They do produce three famous emulators on the store for Game Boy Color, NES and the Game Gear. All three of them are feature customizable virtual controllers and they are featured with save/load states, hardware gamepad support, and various features specific to the verity of game consoles. Also, there is a WiFi controller mode for you to have an extra phone with you. With all features they are really cheap. The most expensive one costs $3.99 for the NES emulator and the others are less than $2 each.

Price: Free / $1.49-$3.99


If you think, that we missed out any of the best emulators for Android on our list, let us know about them through the comment section below.




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