Best 12 Android Emulators to Run Android Apps on Mac OS X (2018)

There are several reasons to emulate Android on a PC or Mac. It is often easier to test applications on a desktop than on a mobile device, and for everyone else there is the appeal of being able to play mobile games on a much larger screen.

Games are the most common requirement for Android to emulate, on a desktop computer, although you can also use an emulator for any application from the Google Play Store. For example, running the Instagram application in an emulator is possible to upload photos from your PC or Mac, something that is another impossible thing.

With that in mind, here are the best emulators to bring Android to your desktop

Best 10 Android Emulators to Run Android Apps on Mac OS X

1.ARC Welder

ARC Welder is an emulation software for Mac developed by Google. It is intended for Mac systems that are specifically used by the Chrome web browser. You do not need any invitation from Google to run on your Mac. Since some smartphone apps are only on your phone, this software does not help to work with some Android applications. You must download the APKs to run the applications on Mac


It supports Google+ sign in and Google Cloud Messaging services.

Official Tweeter app is supported.

It is good for normal users to try Android apps on Mac.


Not all Android apps are supported.

Limited support for Google Play Services and less preferred by Android developers.

Rather than a higher Android version, it is based on Android 4.4 Kitkat.

run android apps on mac: arc-welder

Use ARC Welder to run Android apps on Mac


BlueStacks software help to run Android apps on Mac OS X. AMD, Samsung, Intel, and Qualcomm has investments with this software.


It comes with Google Play integration.

Compatible with multiple OS configuration.

Environment is fully customizable.


Your Mac will face issues in case the RAM is under 4GB.

Having less than 2 GB RAM possibly can hang your system completely.

Buggy and causes root issues while opening apps.

run android apps on mac: blue stacks

Use BlueStacks to run Android apps on Mac


Virtualbox turns out to be one of the most complicated Android software for Mac. Technically it is not an emulator, but it helps you create one. You will need a series of additional tools such as to work with VirtualBox. It depends on how you can use the commands after you get those tools.


Custom develop an emulator.

Free of cost

Plenty of guides on the web to help you.


Only recommended for developers.

Plenty of bugs to annoy you.

Challenging for normal people without any coding knowledge.

run android apps on mac: VirtualBox

Use VirtualBox to run Android apps on Mac

4.KO Player

KO Player is an emulator software that allows Android applications to run on the Mac. This is an application to play Android games on your Mac. Android gamers and content creators can benefit greatly from this software. You can control the location of the mouse and the keyboard control.


You can record your game footage and upload it where you desire.

A perfect choice for people wanting to play Android games on their Mac.

Easy to use and enables remapping game controls on your keyboard.


Bugs are there.

More than anything else gamers are the major beneficiaries.

This is an averagely performing emulator.

run android apps on mac: KO Player

Use KO Player to run Android apps on Mac


Once again, this is a software-based Android emulator game to help you use Android gaming applications on Mac. You can download it for free and enjoy all those Android action games in high resolution and on a larger screen , using your Mac. You get a great game controller to enjoy the game.


Perfect emulator for gamers with multiple game-controllers.

Full-screen game controller for ultimate gaming experience

You can also test your Apps on it.


Though, app testing is supported, it’s majorly a gaming emulator.

Bit tough to work for development projects.

run android apps on mac: Nox

Use Nox to run Android apps on Mac

6.Xamarin Android Player for MAC

Xamarin is one of the favorites of the Android emulator software for Mac. There are step-by-step instructions throughout the process of this software. To make it comfortable for you to work with. Your Android applications run on a Mac using this program.


You can get same day support with latest apps for new OS release.

You can experience the taps, swipes, pinches in testing phase, just like the user experience.

It is integrated with CI for testing apps for continuous automated testing.


The setup process is lengthy.

It’s time consuming to get hold of this software.

run android apps on mac: Xamarin Android Player

Use Xamarin Android Player to run Android apps on Mac


This full-featured Andy OS can run on any computer, including the Mac. It bridges the gap between a desktop computer and mobile computing. With it, stay updated with the latest updates of functions of the Android operating system. A perfect solution for Android applications on Mac OS X. You can use Android and Mac with this software.


It can flawlessly sync your mobile device and desktop.

Android apps on your Mac can show push notifications and storage.

You can download apps from the desktop browser directly using Andy OS.


It is bit complex to use and understand.

It can crash your Mac

It intensively uses system resources.

run android apps on mac: Andyroid

Use Andyroid to run Android apps on Mac


If you are looking for an emulator for Android applications on Mac, then this seems like a good business. With just drag and drop actions, you can get the application files on your Mac. The speed after that.


Remote controller options to manage games with your Android.

Can run dual OS.

Supports GPS simulation.


Doesn’t support gyro sensing.

Un-customizable default home screen.

No support for widgets.

run android apps on mac: Droid4X

Use Droid4X to run Android apps on Mac

9.ARChon! Android Emulator

If you are hoping for Android software for Mac, ARChon is an appropriate option. This is not exactly your usual Android emulator, but it behaves as one. First you must install it in your Google Chrome browser and then load the APK files to use them as you wish.


It can run on multiple OS such as Mac, Linux and Windows.

It is lightweight.

Runs apps quickly when you test them.


This has a tricky installation process as you can’t install it without Google Chrome.

This is neither for developers nor for game lovers.

You need a proper guide, due to the complex installation process. It requires you to convert the APK files into system supported formats.

run android apps on mac: ARChon!

Use ARChon! to run Android apps on Mac


You can choose Genymotion to run Android applications on Mac without any worries. You can perform your applications after development at a faster pace. The Android SDK, Android Studio and Eclipse tools are compatible with Genymotion.


Your Mac’s webcam can be the video source for the Android phone.

It works on multiple platforms.

It works faster.


You need to sign up to download the software.

You won’t be able to setup a custom display resolution.

You can’t run it within a virtual machine.

run android apps on mac: Genymotion

Use Genymotion to run

  1. MeMU

Easily install Android apps from outside the Google Play Store. It is one of the new Android emulators in the block, but MEmu has managed to make a name, and rightly so. Since its full name is MEmuE Play, it should not be surprised, once again, the focus here on the games.


To get the best performance,

To enable virtualization for your CPU.

With support for Intel and AMD chips, as well as integrated and dedicated graphics, support levels are very good here.

There are a lot of keyboard assignment options to improve your game, and you have the option to install the software through Google Play Store, or by dragging and dropping APK into the program window.

As with Nox, there is a vertical menu that offers access to a range of additional features,


To EMS that is based on the old Android 5.1.1

Download MEmu

Once you’ve installed an emulator, try the best free Android apps

  1. AndY

AndY helps to Emulate Android on your desktop which  drag it to run more applications.This App works Based on VMWare Player, AndY is an awesome Android emulator, although little bit large. the installation weighs is 3GB. There are a couple of optional extras (and probably unwanted) included in the installer, so stay tuned and declined.

Again, the main idea behind AndY is to bring the Android games to the desktop, and not only is it compatible with the Xbox and PlayStation controllers, but also with the option to use your Android phone as a game pad.

Putting the emulator into operation is quite complicated and less intuitive than the other tools found here, and it might be enough to drive some people away.

It is a shame because it is very impressive and it would be great to make it a little more accessible. Available for both Mac and Windows, it also offers the option to root your virtual Android device to run more software.

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