Battery saving app Greenify

Best battery saving app Greenify now for all (rooted or non-rooted)

Greenify is a most popular app of rooted android users. But now the battery saving app Greenify is applicable for non rooted devices. This is great news for all android users suffering with battery problems and speed. Greenify can hibernates your unwanted background apps easily. No need to remove them. So it makes minimum memory for background apps and your device works faster than before. Same as device works extratime than before.

battery saving app Greenify

When you are using battery saving app Greenify you don’t want to use any task killer app for clean your memory. Those task killers are also gets more memory to finding and cleaning process.

Greenify designed light weight and no need to background running services for auto hibernation. It gets average RAM footprint less than 5M, nearly zero CPU and battery consumption. There are both paid and free versions of battery saving app Greenify. Deference is paid version has some extra experimental features on it. But free version makes great work on battery life and memory problems. Currently latest version is Greenify 4.5.

Greenify free version download

Greenify donate version download

How to use battery saving app Greenify on non-rooted device

  • Install Greenify using upper links.
  • Open and select the + mark button on the lower.
  • You get the App Analyzer window. To show all of your installed apps tap the 3 dots in upper right.
  • Then select Show all and select show more apps tab. Now you have the all the apps on your App Analyzer screen.
  • Select apps that you want to hibernate. And tap the tick marked green button on lower.
  • Now it will change as Zzz. Tap it.
  • Then it goes to app info screen on your device.
  • In here you have to hibernate manually by tapping force stop button. (When using Greenify on non-rooted device; Force Stop system feature use to hibernate programs)
  • Then you will get the force stop warning, select OK.

You can use this method or Greenify “battery saving app” has automated hibernating feature too.

  • When you are in App info screen, below you will see Enable Automation button.
  • Tap it and you will go to Accessibility screen of your system. Then select Greenify.
  • In Greenify screen make Accessibility On. Then in next warning message Stop Greenify? Select OK.
  • Then again it asks to launch Greenify? Again select OK.
  • Now select Zzz Button to Hibernate. All the selected apps will hibernate automatically.

If you want to launch a hibernated app, simply tap on it.

To hibernate it again Open Greenify and select Zzz.

BATTERY SAVING APP GREENIFY is the great App for android users. It is a very simple and effectively way increase your devices’ battery life.


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