Awesome Features To Look For When Choosing A New Android Phone

Awesome Features To Look For When Choosing A New Android Phone

There is a reason why the smartphone is always with you. The smartphone is the easiest path for you to always access with the email, Facebook updates, Netflix and your favorite Games, also with the Camera. Although choosing a perfect Android phone is not so easy So our Guide with awesome features to look for when choosing a new Android Phone. Here I start with best  quick tips for you to select your Android smart phone and continue further details. How guide will completely let you know what to care before buying a Android Phone.

Best Quick Tips To Select An Android Phone

1.Don’t pay too much on your Android phone, for more than your need.

Premium Android phones price around $600 to $800 or more. But there are still some solid choices under $400.

2.Get the perfect size for you

The best screen size to go with is about 5 inch or less if you want to use your Android phone one handed. But if you are focused on gaming and videos better you select a bigger phone.

3.When it comes to the Display more than the resolution, color quality and the brightness matters a lot.

That is nice to have a 4k Display on the Phone, but still pay more attention on how bright the screen is and how colorful the panel is, this might very much useful on outdoor purposes. (AMOLED is better than the LCD) Now the latest phones offer HDR (High Dynamic Range) Displays for even more color.

4.Ignore the Camera megapixels, there is something more worth in it.

More than looking the Megapixels look for some specs with the Camera, such as Aperture, Dual leans. The smaller numbers works better with this features.

5.Get a  Android phone with at least a 32 GB of internal Storage.

6.Look at least for the battery to be 2500mAh

Find for the one which battery lives longer with the 4G web surfing.

7.The processor matters less than it is mentioned to be important.

These days even the mid-range cellphone offers good performance. If you are focused on high-end games and virtual reality you better select a phone with Snapdragon chip set.

8.When it comes with the carrier Verizon is best when it comes to the wireless carrier for coverage and speed, but still the T-Mobile has the best overall value.

Common Features


First is first, the Price. The Android phones are vary in prices in a huge rage from $300 – $800, still some phones are out of this range too. Don’t fall for a specific phone with a huge price tag, there are many alternations for the High-end phones with a minimum price tags. We don’t say that High-end phone aren’t worth it, but still when it is compared with some specific features, there are alternations.

If  you want to save money when you want to select compatible cellphone has included desired features.It means that this kind  Android Phones are very convenient for you.

Some alternations as I have mentioned are given as  bellow,

  • Motorola Moto G5 Plus ($229)iCompact Aluminum Design,

An Octa-Core CPU

Finger Print Sensorgi

  • OnePlus 3T ($439)

5.5 inch Full HD Display

Long lasting battery

one thing to keep in mind, most  Android cellphones are only compatible with GSM Carriers (AT&T, T-Mobile) and not the CDMA based Carriers (Verizon, Sprint). But still there are some special cases, so make sure you check the specs before you buy one.

2.Screen Size

Although flagship phones come in huge screen sizes, still there are variety of Display sizes. We divide it in three categories as small, medium and large.

As the small screens (5 inches or smaller) are very much convenient for you to use one handed without stretching your thumb to reach the edges, and fits your pocket comfortably. For example google pixel and Sony Xperia Z5 Compact.

Next the medium size screens (5 to 5.5 inches) are good for the people who want a friendly entertainment experience.

Now the larger screen phones (5.5 inches or larger), which are sized as the tablets. These phones are known as Phablets. These phone are great for gaming, editing and watching videos. Also these phone allows you to use Apps side by side, as the tablets do.

3.Display Quality

Looking for a perfect size is a small part of the Display, the main thing to look for is the Screen brightness, color quality and viewing angle. At first make sure that the screen is bright enough for you to use it outdoor and on the direct sunlight. Next look how colorful the phone is, phones which comes with AMOLED screens are richer than the LCD screen colors, still some phones comes with HDR screens offers more colors, this offers you a high contrast. Also look for wider viewing angles as well. Now coming to the resolution we recommend at least full HD (1920*1080) as a minimum for a better view.


When considering the design it is good to select a phone with metal or glass or a phone covered up with both for better built quality. There are many cellphone out there built with some cheap plastic bodies. You should definitely avoid them unless you focus on your budget. If you are focused on durability, you should look for a water and dust resistant Phone. Also looking for a shatterproof glass Display will give you an extra strength with a Gorilla Glass, which will provide your phone from small drops.


These days on smartphone Camera matters more than the processors. Generally smartphones are the primary shooters for most of the people out there. Select a smartphone at least with 12 megapixels of Camera, but that is not the only thing matters. The main things to pay attention on is the image quality, speed, aperture and the speed. If it is possible for you to test the phone which you are willing to buy, that is even better. Also if you are planning to shoot a ton of images and videos on your phone, it is better to choose a Micro SD card compatible Device.


The good amount of processor on the cellphone gives you faster App open time, smoother gaming experience and faster editing performance (Video/photo). Most of the Android smartphones comes with a Qualcomm processor, among the Qualcomm processors the Snapdragon processors are best for all your need. Snapdragon 835 processor is the leading one which is followed by the older Snapdragon 821. A good processor also helps you have good battery life.


The RAM is the thing which gives you good multitasking with a big amount. We suggest you at least look for a 2 GB of RAM as minimum. Nowadays flagship cellphones normally comes with a 4 GB RAM and still some like OnePlus 3T comes with a 6 GB of RAM. Go for a higher one.

8.Internal Storage

In this case we strongly recommend you to choose a bigger one as possible as you can afford. These days cellphones come with a minimum of 32 GB of internal storage. If you are willing to shoot photos and videos with your phone or if you are very much interested in gaming and all, then you should definitely get a phone with a big internal storage. Also with many of the cellphones you have an alternation with the Micro SD for storage problems, you can expand whenever you want.

9.Battery Life

The battery life is determined on many factors as screen size, operating system and Processor. However look for a good battery on our reviews. Look for a battery with at least 3000mAh if you want a long lasting battery.

Also a removable battery is worth with some benefits rather than the non-removal Design. With a removable battery design it is easier for you to replace a new battery without spending on services and you can go with some incredible 3rd party battery options too. And you can also keep and extra battery with you for exchanging options.

Key Features

10.Wireless Charging

Wireless charging is one the awesome feature which is offered with some flagship phones. The wireless charging makes the charging process easier and faster. When it comes to wireless charging, the process is very simple, you just have place the phone on the charger which is connected with electricity to charge your cellphone. This feature helps you more to get-rid of wires.

11.Fingerprint Security

The Fingerprint Security was popularized by the Apple as Touch ID. Now most of the mid-range and High-end phones comes with this key feature. The Fingerprint Security gives you good security and allows the unlocking fast and easy. Also the Fingerprint security makes the online payments very responsive and secure.
These are main parts consider when buying an Android smartphone. I think this guide is more than enough for you to select your Android phone, if you want something more about to know, let us know it through the comment section below. That’s all for now.

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