Anti theft android (rooted) can help find and track your lost or stolen devices.

Anti theft android (rooted)  | track your lost or
stolen devices.

In past if you lost your phone, you worry about how can find my phone?  In these days it’s not to worry about lost phone, avast develop awesome app help your stolen phone call for Anti theft (rooted).

anti theft android

Avast software developed most trusted antivirus (antivirus for your PC, MAC, and Android), they work long business period (over 25 years ), now they become one of the pioneer in the computer security business and help with over 200 million users have  protect  computer and mobile devices.

Avast Anti theft android is best for your cell phone track with free services, can help to find and track your lost or stolen devices, now you don’t worry about your phone theft security. Anti theft android help with find your stolen phone and  anti theft remotely control find your stolen  cell phone locator features.

Easy for using root install and update wizard devices (no need to line command knowledge use to this tool) and provided also for NAND protected devices (write protected on system partition).

Anti theft android apk free download

Make your own mobile Apps in seconds !

Anti theft android support top features.

  • You can help with your stolen phone immediately. Control your device remotely via a web-based interface or SMS.
  • Use GSP tracker and other triangulation methods, you have to find your lost phone help with location and tracking your lost phone on a map through help with web based mobile phone tracking features.
  • Your phone memory lock and wipe remotely within keep data safe.
  • Set up a SIM-card-change notification to another device.
  • Remotely take photos or listen to audio of the phone’s surroundings.
  • Automatically hiding your stealth mode on your phone app (whenever Anti-Theft is activated, so that a thief is not even aware of its presence).

Highlights of remote features.

Immediately can trigger features via web interface at httt:// or via SMS command from your friends phone.

  • Lock your device remotely.
  • Activate a customizable siren.
  • Keeping private data safe and wipe memory.
  • Custom locked-screen text (e.g. show rewards for its return).
  • You have to send on display message to the device.
  • Forward to different phone having calls and message.
  • Have the phone call you elsewhere to listen to surroundings (with blacked-out screen, so invisible to thieves).

More features for rooted device

  • You can reboot device remotely.
  • Prevent USB access to the device.
  • Not even a hard reset will delete avast! Anti theft android.
  • Stolen person cannot turn off the internet connection (you can keep data connection live).
  • Choose your own name for the app, to further confuse would-be thieves.


Features of premium version.

  • Geofencing: perform for specific action (e.g. activate siren ,lock, send location)
  • Remote identification: Theft try to take a picture when who can tries to unlock the device. (can use front or back camera, with face recognition) Also can listen to and record audio.
  • Remote forwarding: Begin forwarding calls or SMS messages from the lost phone.
  • Password check: Marks the device as stolen if a wrong locked screen password is entered 3 times.
  • “Anti theft android” remote data retrieval: Retrieve call logs, SMS messages, and other personal data from your phone – e.g. before remotely wiping its memory.

Cost of ANTI THEFT ANDROID premium version is 1.99 $(auto-renewal) for month and 14.99$ for year.

Avest Anti theft video

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