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Android rooting is getting most common in these days. What is android rooting?

Android Rooting is a well developed process of allowing users to access the system of smart phone, Tablets & other devices  running on android mobile operation system, to attain privilege control (known as ‘’Root access”)with in android sub system.

Yes, Android is free but it never gives the system access for the user. Because of that most of people rooting their devices. You will have more advantage facilities and you can control the devices with own authority by android rooting.

Rooting has some advantage and disadvantage.

Advantages of android rooting

  • You can update your android OS using custom ROMs.
  • Increases device performance.
  • Full Theming capabilities (can be changed & themed from the color of battery indicator ,lock dialer & contact list video plays while Devices boots up)
  • Full control of the CPU & Kernel(which can be adjusted only knowledgeable users)
  • Can increase Battery life by removing unnecessary background apps.
  • Increase internal memory and you can make external memory to install apps.
  • Including the ability to back up to restore or batch edit application ,to remove bloaware that’s comes preloaded on many phone, user to set based on time, date Manuel switches like widgets or buttons GPS coordinates, voice commands, cell tower connectivity, plug-in application and many more.

Disadvantages of android rooting

  • Rooting immediately voids your phone’s warranty.
  • Security Risks (Google refuse to support the Google wallet service for rooting devices)
  • You have to use root ability with carefully, if not it may bricks your Android Device(Phone,Tablet..etc).

Rooting apps

There are many different programs for root android devices. Most of them are based on android versions. Some of them came as one click root programs (no need any computer, can run it on the device), some of them need a computer to root the device.These are some root programs.Some examples are given as below,

How To Root Any Android Device With Towelroot?

How To Root Any Android Device With KingRoot?

How To Root Any Android Device With KingoRoot?

How To Root Any Android Device With iRoot?

How To Root Any Android Device With Dr.Fone?

How To Root Any Android Device With TunesGo Root?

How To Root Any Android Device With Framaroot?

How To Root Any Android Device With Odin?

To More,you can visit to Root Android Section in the and search.


Best root apps

After getting the root access there are many root apps for modifications. Some of them free and there are paid apps too. Thousands of rooted Apps in the Google play store, but you’ll select in suitable Apps on your rooted devices, in the selected Apps to customize the look of your devices tweak the performance help and the Apps find out secure network. These are some best root apps. Actually,if you manage in good path way your post Rooting Management(Post Rooting Management is any activities don by user for the rooted Android devices) when you make huge android device as your wish why you are only the real administrator on your Android device.

Super User            Greenify                 Titanium Backup                ROM Manager              Trickster Mod                     Adaway           Nan droid manager             No Bloat                  And many more….


If you would like to move proper Post Rooting Management process when you can visit to the Section of Top Apps/Best Root Apps in the and search.

You can Unroot.

By using particular apps you can unroot. It makes the device same as before.


In here you can find best root apps. Go further searching in here. You will have good knowledge about root apps. If you are newbie or expert you will have newest information about ANDROID ROOTING and best root apps.


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