Android N Preview 5 Reviews.

Introduction Android N Preview 5

Android N releasedHi Android users what’s up, we have new information need to forward you. This article aim is presenting about the android N 7.0 version. it start here with android moderators Google just released android that new get developer preview build number five. 7.0 According to the priestly released Google 7.0 nougat will be the last preview bill before the official release of nougat in the introduce. Primarily, there are so many bug fixes and actually appreciate about the new features going to show. Android users need to know about new bill content while you lets go ahead and get started the first thing. Anyway Android N is new Easter egg that it is new and improved version. Producer is called it as android Naught.

How to play the cat games.

Here newly introduce a little cat games which it very fun and attractive than previous versions. If you need to play that cat games when you should go to notification panel and select a empty dish. Furthermore actually it can play easily and if you require to edit that games, when you can do it easily, Finally you can play as your wish. Really it is fun full game than you thought. This game is equal to Pokémon that you know about the cats. When you give some chicken, fish dish to near the cat then cat will attract for that. At that moment you can catch cat. Actually it is game as in ancient Egypt.

Another new feature Have android N HDR photos

There are quite a few new features in the camera application this is camera version 4 . If you catch on the time or HDR and flash mode when you have an expanded version 5 that just makes actually using the changes a little easier. Android users you should know that new version has little spinner which it can help to capture the HDR images easily and it process properly your images furthermore. HDR is high –dynamic –range imaging. This is one of new feature you with your Android N phone.

If You need to see a new animation when you can view your previously taking images. you probably saw if we take an HDR image. There’s a new little spinner that shows that its processing the image.
If you need to upload your images when you have button I your phone ,you can use it easily and rapidly to forward the images for Google photos. Furthermore you can images preview before the upload them.

Easy setting in Android N

window settings also are much easier to listen and not only you have some volume key actions so before you can use it as a shutter but now we also have zoom and volume controls. Now We are going into our settings apps. then if we need to go about any of our installed applications when you go all the way down to the bottom of at the information list. That will be shown you exactly how the application was installed whether that is from the Play Store or side-loaded.

You really get that information there and add info so on top of those little fixes and also the brand new Easter egg and android in you do have fully supported Pokemon Go, so in previous Developer Preview versions. Pokemon Go was not supported is now fully supported in a preview build version 5.I guess that about wraps it up for everything that is new in the developer preview build five of Android N. If you like you to be sure to give it a big thumbs up subscribe to this web-site more content like this in the future you can find more of me a follow on twitter @bestrootapps thanks guys for reading .be blessed off see you in the next one.

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