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What is Android Assistant?

It is not a voice command  supportive App Google Assistant,Siri,Alexa default Assistant..etc.Android Assistant is best Android software which help to get Backup,to be optimizer,to be cleaner on your Android Device easily and productively.

Android Assistant designed based on modern technology so it makes most user- friendly environment to proceed your goal easily and safely.

Android Assistant can transfer all of data flawlessly such as any data such as APKs, photos, videos, music, contacts, SMS and more from desktop version of Android Assistant.

It help to proceed cluster installation and uninstall apps from your Android device and move apps to computer to get free up more space.

Android Assistant help to erase all of junk and private files/data on your Android Phone to prevent data spreading.Another important fact is never ever be recovered again after proceed the erased programs.

Android Assistant works on your Smartphone to delete/erase the data and  the data restore them from computer  just giving one click easily.

Android Assistant supports for WiFi.So it makes you  wireless free comfortable environment to work easily.

Understand,Android Assistant is not only the data erasing and backup tool which it can help you to manage your data productively as other data managing tool.You can clean up your Android Phone’s memory by erasing all of junk files,useless contacts,bloatware and useless details easily to make free memory space on your Android device.

Specially use this software to erase your private important and valuable data permanently from your Smartphone to stop the spreading to others.So next chapter will explain it as below,

Download<<<<<<<Android Assistant

How To Use Android Assistant App?

Install Android Assistant and Connect Smart Phone to Computer/PC

Each android devices bring the options of Factory Reset in default.This method is very easy to delete data on your Android Device easily.After reset your Android Device will be back to state which it as moved you from Manufacturer.understand,after sat the Factory Reset,your all data will be deleted,so before proceed it,take backup for all data you needed.Please,don’t forget to get Backup…..Backup…….Backup.After you have taken important backup from your Smart Phone,you can proceed the next step.


 However,Android Assistant also help to get Backup on your Android Device.I have said before another method to get backup as more safest procedure.So you can proceed taking Backup as below.

You should  go to the Settings app on the device first.Then you need to select ‘Backup & Reset’.Now,you can Select the ‘Back up my data’ box.This method also to get backup is sure,so you don’t worry about it. You will be able to back up all your data over the Internet. However, before you begin the process, make sure you have selected the right ‘Backup account’. Your backup account is your Google ID where everything will be saved for later restore. If you purchase new Android device when you are eligible  to transfer directly all kinds of data from old Android to new Android within 3 clicks.

Factory Reset Android Device

Good, now all your important data has  backed up to your Google Account. You can wipe up your Android Device (Phone and Tablet) and restore it to the factory settings. The process is  easier than you think.You can proceed that as below easily,

First,you should launch the Settings option on your Android device.Then,you should select ‘Backup & Reset’. Choose ‘Factory data Reset’. Confirm your action.Wow,you are done.Now you are not afraid about such bad situation as data spreading to other.

Everything will be removed from the internal storage of the phone. Remember that this method does not remove the data from your external microSD card.So you can use external microSD For your new phone.



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