Add Extra Buttons for your Device

Add Extra Buttons for your Device

If you are looking for new ways to make full benefits of your device, today’s topic certainly will add a difference. The newest concept in NFC called “Dimple” is quite simple, yet a brilliant idea. Dimple Button set is a sticker or protective case with user configurable buttons that you can easily attach to the rear side of your Android NFC enabled (Near Field Communication) devices. These buttons can help you in many ways, plus they will help you to make things easier. This is one of the smartest concepts I have seen. This plastic strip with four or two physical buttons can make things easier on your Android device. It is powered entirely by NFC and when placing the sticker you must be aware of where the NFC signal comes strong in your device. It aims to bring customizable buttons to your device, and it does it cleverly.

Add Extra Buttons for your Device

Dimple Buttons | Is it useful ?

As per your choice there are two strips available in different colors. Strip with four buttons or two buttons as to users’ requirements. Each sticker buttons can be customized through the Dimple app to take actions on your device. The only drawback I find in this concept is NFC signals on your device. You might be confused with what I mentioned, and let me clear out it in few words. The strip of buttons must be placed where they can interact with your device’s NFC. It should be well identified before we start up with it. For most people this would be a large area of the back of their device, for more HTC One M8 users cannot really make use of these dimple buttons because the metal body of the device requires the NFC antenna to be put around the camera which interrupts by covering the camera.

The best thing about this Dimple Buttons is that it gives you the chance to choose the button functionality. You can assign a button to launch apps, enable the flashlight, play music or use a button to connect with your friends or whatever you like and it makes you doing everyday work quicker and saves your valuable time.

If your Android device runs Android 4.0 and above, is not made out of metal and supports NFC technology, you are safe to work with Dimple. There are currently around 800-1000 devices with which the Dimple supports and metal body devices require to make sacrifices due to antenna location problems.

Few more things you should know about the Dimple Buttons

  • Dimple can be directly attached to your device’s case instead of to the surface of it.
  • As to the developers’ tests have concluded, each of these buttons can withstand about 2 million clicks, plus you have the ability of reassigning the functionality of around 100 000 times before the button goes out of work.
  • It is waterproof and simple to use.
  • You can put it in close proximity to the NFC antenna of the device for effective functionality.

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