ADB Installer Latest Version|Download-DRIVERS, ADB AND FASTBOOT TOOLS

ADB Installer v1.4.3  includes all required drivers for Android Smart Devices which there are ADB drivers (Android Debug Bridge), Fastboot and Google USB-drivers. Otherwise installation process is very user friendly.It means that handling of ADB Installer v1.4.3 is very easy.

Features of ADB Installer v1.4.3 :

  • Small size.
  • Fast installation.
  • All required drivers in one single installation package.
  • Simple installation with only three steps.
  • Latest ADB and Google USB-drivers included.


In the event that you’ve at any point done anything identified with root or modifying your Android gadget, you have likely known about ADB and Fastboot stuff. Both the devices are utilized to send terminal orders to an Android gadget from a PC charge line.

What’s ADB? ADB remains for Android Debug Bridge. It works when the gadget is controlled on and booted into OS or Recovery. The device helps in sending fundamental Linux Commands, and an assortment Android particular summons from PC to associated Android gadgets.

What’s Fastboot? Fastboot is a more capable apparatus than ADB and it works just in bootloader/fastboot mode. It enables you to re-Flash framework segments on your Android gadget and requires a gadget with an opened bootloader. It’s especially helpful when you need to refresh your gadget physically or in an uncommon circumstance when you inadvertently delicate blick your gadget and need to introduce a spotless stock framework picture.

Be that as it may, setting up ADB and Fastboot can be extremely dubious on a Windows machine. Be that as it may, on account of XDA part Snoop05 who has built up a little program to rapidly introduce both ADB and Fastboot documents on your PC (framework wide) alongside legitimate drivers.

Downloads and establishment guidelines underneath:

How to Install ADB and Fastboot (with drivers) on Windows: Quickest Setup

If the above version doesn’t work well, try ADB installer v1.4.3 instead.

  1. Download the adb-setup-1.4.3.exe file from the download link above.
  2. Double-click/Run the adb-setup-1.4.3.exe file.
  3. You will see a command prompt window with blue background. Say YES to all the prompts on this screen.
    └ To say YES, just type Y and hit enter.

  1. Type “Y/Yes” to install ADB and Fastboot or “N/No” to skip.
  2. Type “Y/Yes” to install System wide for all users or “N/No” for current user only.
  3. Type “Y/Yes” to install drivers or “N/No” to skip.
  4. Driver installation will start.
  5. Wait for 15 seconds and installation should be completed.
  6. Reboot your system.

All Versions Of ADB and Fastboot Tool

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Minimal ADB and Fastboot V1.1.3

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Minimal ADB and Fastboot V1.4.0

Minimal ADB and Fastboot V1.4.1

Minimal ADB and Fastboot V1.4.2-Latest




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