Adaway download to feel free

AdAway download and have ad free device

Android is the best Operation System and wonderful platform on your mobile devices its can provide more apps and working better condition. But users always like to use phones or devices run as own devices (running authority), although they are decide to root their devices and install most apps. You can install more apps free of charge but Apps developer charge their income with advertisement, showing more adds difficult to your work, slow battery life  and launch advertisement can get more times.

Adaway download

So you can block these ads using many ad blocking programs. Android apps market has several of ad blocker programs. (Uses the hosts file and hosts file contains a list of mappings between hostnames and IP address) But, this is the most powerful ad blocking app, it’s called Adaway. Adaway is android app function to block advertisement, then you can use any free apps with easily and efficiency than before. This application is very useful and free for use.

Adaway download and have these features

  • Adaway download is free and it is open source software.
  • Adaway can select own source of hosts files.
  • Extra hostname define your own blacklist.
  • Add own host name (hostname, IP) pairs of the redirection list.
  • App is not working (specific host are block) can you add exceptions to your whitelist list.

But Adaway works only with rooted devices. And can use only on android 2.1+ and have write access on system partition. (HTC Devices not writable to system partition)

How can find Adaway download?

Adaway download is not available on Google Play store. Because of violation of section 4.4 (removed by Google Developer Distribution Agreement)

Adaway download

Newest version Adaway 3.2

Newest Adaway Version 2.9.2 – Added on 2014-10-14


Block ads using Adaway on android | root required.

  • You must complete root access your Android devices before Adaway download.
  • First make sure unknown sources option is enable in your devices.
  • If not you have to follow this; setting >security or setting > Application and disable Unknown sources.
  • Now your device ready to Adaway download.
  • Use “Adaway download” link (shown upper) to download it to your device.
  • Open the downloaded apk and intall Adaway
  • After install open it. Now Adaway ask the root permission, give it.
  • In Adaway app screen, tap on the download files and apply ad blocking button (Adaway modifies your HOSTS file to block ads) after its done restart need to complete the Adbloking process. Restart the device. (If frees when using Adaway, close it using home button and run it again)
  • Finished restarting all ads on apps and websites will be blocked.

If you want to remove Adaway, Should remember to tap the disable ad bloking button in the Adaway app.

This video for get some more about ADAWAY DOWNLOAD


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