How To Connect To WIFI Without Password + Find The Password

In this article, I’m going to show you how to connect to a Wi-Fi network without the password. First, this is going to be a very simple technique through which you can connect and access almost any locked Wi-Fi network within just a couple of seconds. Although your device does not require root or any special application for this. However, the only requirement for this method to work is you will need to have physical access to the Wi-Fi router. That only once for least a couple of seconds.

The awesome part is if your device is rooted then you can find the actual password of the Wi-Fi network. How cool is that ahh…

Connect to WIFI Without Password

So, let me go ahead and express you how to do that. Now you haven’t WIFI password and that specific WIFI network indicates you not connected yet. Don’t worry let’s go ahead and unlock it up. But This method only works for android devices sadly doesn’t capable this method for iOS. Now see how to do this simple hack.

Step 1

  1. Heading to the Advanced Settings tab in your Wi-Fi settings menu on your Android device.
  2. Then find the option that says WPS push button connect or something similar.
  3. once you find that tap on it and a device will start scanning.

Step 2

  1. Next, up head over to the logged Wi-Fi router that you want to connect to and find a tiny little button that says WPS.
  2. Press that button. It should be either at the bottom or behind the router.
  3. Once that is done, wait for a couple of seconds and your device should automatically connect to the log Network.


Now, folks, the cool thing about this method is you will only have to do this once even after getting disconnected from the Wi-Fi network. Your device should automatically reconnect to the previously locked Wi-Fi network without asking you for the password.

How to get the actual password

If your Android device is rooted. Then you can find the actual password of the logged Wi-Fi network easily. So, let’s see how to get the actual password of the Wi-Fi network. Once your device is connected to the Wi-Fi router that I showed you earlier how to easily connect to locked Wi-Fi network. Next head over to the Play Store and install any root file manager I recommend the ES File Explorer. once that is done simply open it up. Make sure to grant the root permissions to the app from the options in the downloaded file manager application.  Also, don’t forget to grant the root permissions to this specific app from a device as well. Then head over to this exact location on the file manager but before you do that make sure to be extra careful that you do not delete or modify any files from here.


All right so let’s move on, first go to the device directory from the local tab then open up the folder that says data. Then head over to the misc folder. Next, open up the folder that says Wi-Fi. And finally, open up the text file that says WPS applicant dot config or something similar. You will find some random text here ignore that simply scroll down and find the Wi-Fi network name that you just connected to. And just below that, you will find the actual password of the Wi-Fi network just like magic. Now on you can easily connect any number of devices to this Wi-Fi network.

One bonus tip, you will also find the list of all Wi-Fi network passwords that your device was ever connected.

Again, do not paste or modify anything here simply remember the password or write it down on a piece of paper and stick it somewhere safe.

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