How To unlock Locked Screen On Android

There are several ways to hack Pattern Lock Screen on Android devices that require the use of some steps and a little effort. All these ways are not effective for all Android devices. It means that need some specific operation to unlock of screen lock on  some Android device

However, It is not an impossible task to unlock the Pattern Lock Screen. What is required is to examine some applications and tools that can serve that purpose. Don’t worry, since you don’t have to do the research, we’ve already compiled the 8 best services to hack or skip the Android Pattern Lock Screen, etc. Below are some ways to avoid the Pattern Lock Screen on Android devices.

Are You Sure You Forgot It?

Wise way is think well before proceed any of unlocking methods and make sure you’ve actually forgotten your passcode. Unlike the iPhone, which has four-digit access codes and has recently moved to six-digit codes, Android allows you to choose your PIN for any number of digits. If you are trying to retrieve that code when you can correct everything safely. Anyway, if you couldn’t remember when you can proceed given method to unlock the locked screen easily.

Bypass Android Lock With Android Device Manager

Android Device manager unlocking is one of the best services which help to bypass the Android lock screen on locked Android smartphones and Tablets. The very simple and easy operation will direct you to unlock for the locked screen. First, you should log into the Google account. This service allows being accessed and used on any device or any computer.

There are several steps that you will need to complete while moving along using this service to the bypass lock screen. After you have connected with the device, we can start by clicking on the “Lock” button. If the Android Smart device is compatible, then the Android Device Manager will connect with few attempts.

Follow these steps, to proceed to unlock Locked Screen on your Android.

1. First of all, you should go easily to Android Device Manager by using your Computer/PC (Find My Device) website and log-in using your credentials.

2. A list of all the connected devices to your Google account will appear at that moment.

3. Now, you can select your device, then, you will have to chance to various options such as erase, lock, and ring.

4. Then, you need to click on the “Lock” option to change the lock pattern on your device.

5. Now, you can provide the new password for your device and write an optional recovery message.

6. Finally, you should apply these changes and exit the window to change the lock on your  Android device.

unlock pattern lock using the ‘Forgot Pattern’ feature?

If your android smartphone is running on Android 4.4 (Android KitKat) or lover versions, then you can also take the assistance of the “Forgot Pattern” option to perform the Pattern Lock Screen. You won’t need a third-party tool or any other device to perform the desired operation. follow these steps to unlock Pattern Lock Screen on your device:

1. Simply enter any incorrect pattern on your android device to get the following screen.

2. You will see from the bottom of the screen, you can select the “Forgot Pattern” feature.

3. Select the option to unlock your android device with your Google details.

4. Provide the correct Google credentials of the account that is linked to your device.

5. After Provided the correct Google credentials, you can set a new pattern for your android device and confirm it. After this process, you will let you access your Android device with the new pattern lock.

Unlock Samsung android phone pattern lock with Samsung Find My Mobile?

Just like other Android devices, Samsung has also developed a dedicated feature for finding a Samsung device remotely and performing various other operations on it. The Samsung Find My Mobile service can be used to locate your android smart device, change its lock, wipe its data, and perform a few other tasks as well. This service only works for Samsung Android devices. You can educate how to Pattern Lock Screen with this software by following below instructions:

1. Go to Samsung’s Find my Mobile official website and log-in using your Samsung account credentials.

2. You can select your device from the left panel. By default, it will provide its location on the map.

3. Even more, you can access different other services from their website as well. Click “Unlock My Device” option to proceed.

4. After, all you need to do is click the “Unlock” button to perform pattern unlock on your Samsung device.

5. After unlocking your Samsung device, you will be informed from an on-screen message.


Unlock android phone pattern lock in Safe Mode?

This method is a simple and effective solution to know how to unlock pattern on an Android device. Nevertheless, this method will only support for the third-party lock screen applications. If you are using your android smartphone’s native locker, then it might not work. After reboot your android smartphone in Safe Mode, you can easily neglect the pattern lock without any trouble. Follow these steps to how to do it:

1. Press the Power button to get the Power menu on its screen.

2. Long press the “Power off” option.


3. This will display the following pop-up message. Agree to it and reboot your android phone in Safe Mode.

4. Once the device would be restarted in Safe Mode, the third-party lock screen would be disabled automatically.

After rebooting your device, you can navigate to device’s Settings => Apps and remove the third-party app as well. This method works any third party lock applications.

How to unlock pattern lock with a factory reset?

Consider this as your last resort, as it will completely erase data and settings saved on your device. As the name implies, your device would be reset to its factory settings when you lose your data. However, if you want to learn how to unlock the pattern by performing a factory reset, you can perform these steps:

1. First of all, enter the Recovery Mode on your Android device. The process can be done by pressing the Home, Power, and Volume Up key in simultaneously.

2. However, the correct key combination might differ from one  Android version to another.

3. Use the Volume Up and Down key to navigate and the Power/Home button to make a choice.

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