Android 9 Top Hidden Features

Android 9 has more features and a fast mobile operating system. In this article I will be going to mention, all these hidden features are currently still available on the first release of Android 9/Android Pie. Whether Google decides to remove them in later updates is still up in the air, but we expect these features to remain. All the options are pretty easy to find, with a tutorial for each one to help you unlock these features and impress your friends and family.

Feature Flags

In Android 9/Android Pie is a hidden menu selection called “Feature Flags.” Similar to Chrome’s secret options (that are similarly named), Feature Flags lets you tweak specific design choices back to their Android Oreo versions, for people who do not like the changes. Check out our tutorial to learn how to unlock this feature.

System UI Tuner

System UI Tuner has been a hidden feature in Android since 6.0 Marshmallow. While more and more of its functionality moves to other areas, it is still one of the only ways you can modify the status bar without rooting your device. However, unlike the earlier version of Android, System UI Tuner in Android 9 requires a different method to unlock. 

Now, keep Nova Launcher installed on your device. You do not need to apply for the launcher. You can use your stock launcher as well.

  • Either download the Nova Launcher application or any launcher that has access to Activities widgets like Action Launcher.
  • Touch and hold onto the display and choose “Widgets.”
  • Scroll and search for Nova Launcher widget.
  • Select the widgets.
  • Select a widget called “Activities”.
  • Scroll and find the System UI option.
  • Select and choose “System UI demo mode” at the bottom of the list.
  • Activity will be created on the Home Screen.
  • Launch it and select “Status bar”.

Flappy Bird Game

Typically, Android 9 requires some touches of the version sign on the About Phone page, which will show some animation or game relevant to the dessert the Android OS version is named after.

While Android 9’s easter egg is a dull “P” symbol, a famous old easter egg is still held: The Flappy Bird clone known as Flappy Droid is now hidden elsewhere. The game was first introduced in 5.0 Lollipop and included a different environment from the popular game with giant lollipops as the obstacles you are trying to avoid. With Android Marshmallow, the Flappy Bird game was updated to reflect the new dessert with giant marshmallows instead of lollipops.

The Flappy Bird game has been hidden in several newer android versions, with Pie being no exception. Check out our guide on how to unlock this game.

App Timer

Android 9- Pie takes a particular functionality named “App Timer” that encourages social addicts to set time for smart device usage. When “App Timer” enabled, the App timer automatically narrows the usage of applications and just greys out the icons from the home screen.

To find this secret Android feature in Dashboard Settings.

A Better Overview

Android 9 users in an array of navigational changes, with or without gesture controls – and the new Overview screen is one key example.

It does it much more comfortable to flip among your existing applications, lining them up horizontally so that you can just slide between them. Moreover, the access to your full app’s listing and the search bar is just below, letting you get from this screen to just about anywhere in a breeze.

Also, if you have a Pixel phone, you can easily copy and then share anything from an app from Overview, whether it’s text or a photo. No more jumping into and out of apps for such a simple need. Smart Text also works, and it can read the meaning of your selected text and then suggest the next possible actions.

Security Features

Android 9 also improves the safety of your smart device.

For one, it restricts an app from accessing your microphone and camera unless you are using it, even though you have permitted it upon its installation.

The update also introduces Lockdown mode. When you feel like your security is being threatened, you can tap it and it will immediately exit the user to the lock screen, hide all the notifications, and require a password or PIN before someone can access it.

New Screenshot Feature

Dubbed as Markup, the built-in screenshot editor can easily take screenshots of anything plus the ability to crop, draw, and edit the image. You can also share your screengrabs without any hassle. Say goodbye to those awkward Volume + Power button clicks, as you just have to press the Power key to take a screenshot.

Effortless Screen Rotation

Tired of toggling between portrait and landscape mode? You don’t have to worry for more as the Android 9/Android Pie makes it easier than ever for you to rotate your screen, plus gives you the option to rotate your home screen. You also get a specialized button mainly for screen rotation once you turn the Auto-Rotate off.

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