How to Connect Android Phone to PC (Top Simple Methods)

How to Connect Android Phone to PC (Top Simple Methods)

There are several reasons why we need to connect our Android phones With our PC(Desktop or Laptop). It could be to transfer or/and copy files between the two devices or sync both devices with each other. Out from that, you might also need to connect your Android smartphone to your computer if:

  • Update your Android device using PC software.
  • Flash custom ROMs and mods.
  • Manage, edit, or modify folders and files on your Android smartphone via your PC/laptop.
  • Manage your Android smartphone from your PC using a third-party device manager application.

Whatever your reason may be, this article will help you to find out how you can easily connect your Android device to your PC effortlessly.

USB Cable

Connecting Android and PC with USB Cable is the most comfortable way of transferring files from your Android smartphone to PC.

USB cables are almost always available. Take your Android smartphone USB charging cable, plug it on your android smartphone and connect it to the USB port of your computer and you’re ready to go.

After connected, your Android Smartphone would ask your license to access the files from your device. Select “OK”. Alternatively, your computer will display a pop-up window alike to Figure 1. Select “Open Folder to View Files”.

Transferring files can be as basic as copying and pasting your files from one storage to another. If you want to update your Android smartphone or flash custom ROMs, open your Android Manager or any Third-Party app on your laptop/PC. Your device should now appear as connected in the software and you can perform your desired function.


Bluetooth connection helps to send files over your devices is the next greatest method after USB connection. If there is no Wi-Fi available to connect, this method is also selected most Smart users as the best option. Bluetooth is one of the usual ways to transfer or share your data with your Computer.

Open Bluetooth on both of your computer and Android smartphone. If one of your devices does not recognize the other, tap “Devices and Printers” on your PC / laptop and tap “Search” on your phone. If your devices have not been previously connected, you must first pair them with a code. Once paired, touch the file you want to transfer.

To transfer files from your PC to your smartphone, click on the Bluetooth icon in the right corner of the screen and select “Send a file”.

If your PC does not have a Bluetooth function, you can buy Bluetooth Adapters that can make your non-Bluetooth PC / laptop compatible with Bluetooth. See the Avantree DG40S Bluetooth USB Adapter.

If you’re using Windows 8 or 10, the drivers will be automatically installed once you plug the device in.


You are eligible to use your local Wi-Fi connection to connect your Android phone with your PC.AirDroid is one of the best apps available on the Play Store that lets you perform various functions on your Android device wirelessly. Unlike other wireless options, AirDroid doesn’t require driver installations. You also don’t need to install third-party apps on your PC.

Make sure you have a working internet connection and AirDroid has installed on your Android device. Then, Open the app. You will be prompted to sign in or register. A “Find a Phone” pop-up should appear. Just hit the “Later” button. You will be redirected to the app’s main screen. Select “Turn On Now”.Now, Connect your Android to your PC via Wi-Fi. Make sure that your PC is connected to the same network.

First, launch your browser on your PC, enter the IP address and the port number that is shown on your Android device. Alternatively, you can go to and enter your account details. A pop-up window requesting a grant on your Android smartphone will appear. Select “Accept”.

AirDroid supports sending and receiving SMS, importing and exporting files, taking screenshots, managing media files, editing contacts, and a lot more.

NFC Connection

The latest Android devices (Android Oreo/Android 8.0 and up) can transfer files from computer and Android via Near Field Communication (NFC). To use this system, both devices should have the Near Field Communication (NFC) technology and has an Android Beam application installed.

This system only works if both devices are in close vicinity. Also, be sure that your devices are unlocked. Then, Turn on NFC by tapping on your settings. Now, Select Connected Devices>Connection Preferences. Then, Toggle NFC On. Now, Launch Android Beam. Next step is Open the content that you want to share. Now, Set both devices near each other. Vibration or sound will inform you that both devices are now connected. Then, select “Tap to Beam”/”Touch to Beam”.

If your PC doesn’t have the NFC technology, you can use an NFC contactless port like the ACS NFC ACR122U.

You can Connect via Google Account. You can also use your Google Account to transfer files between PC and Android devices. Now, Open the Google Drive app and select “Add”.Then, select “Upload”.Finally, you can select the files that you want to upload. On your browser, go to and sign in to your account. You will then be able to view your uploaded file in “My Drive”.


SHAREit is a wireless file-sharing software that can share any type of files without the use of an Internet connection. We all are aware of transferring files through the SHAREit application for your smartphone which is a great and easy way to send photos, video or files from one smartphone to another. Furthermore, there are only a few people aware of the fact SHAREit for PC. Installing SHAREit for your PC then you can transfer photos, video or files from one PC to another PC or a mobile phone via wifi connectivity. And also you can create a group that can share content with multiple devices at the same time.

There was the article of How to Connect Android Phone to PC. Would you like to give some suggestions or comments? Yes, you can do it in your comment section.

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